Samuel Lehrer Miami: Why Little Yellow School House was Created

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Samuel Lehrer Miami Yellow School House was Created Samuel Lehrer Miami

Children with special needs require a lot of assistance, be it mental or physical. Samuel Lehrer Miami explains why Little Yellow School House is so important to him.

Miami, FL / March 30, 2020 / All children have needs, and some are different than others. Where some children fit what you would describe to be “normal children,” other children have more, or different, needs. For instance, some children are born with physical disabilities that make it difficult to interact with their fellow classmates or may generally require assistance, while other children are in need of mental assistance, having been born with one or more learning disabilities. Samuel Lehrer Miami set up the organization, the Little Yellow School House, with a goal to help these kinds of disadvantaged children get the help that they require at the pace they can handle.

What Drives Samuel Lehrer Miami to help those who can’t help themselves

Because of the barriers that parents may face in taking care of their children with special needs, Samuel Lehrer Miami makes a point of addressing that. Because the Little Yellow School House is supported 100 percent through charitable donations, parents will not have to pay a single cent in order to have their kids attend this Mexican private school. The Little Yellow School House had humble beginnings, starting small in Isla Mujeres, before it grew larger and was able to better accommodate the students attending, according to Samuel Lehrer Miami. As of April 2017, the school has 53 students, and more waiting in the wings. Samuel Lehrer Miami seeks to help these children because of how painful it is to see a child struggling, lacking in the ability to learn necessary skills, interact with their peers on the same level, or keep up with the curriculum of their regular school. The sheer love and tenderness the kids display makes the hard work and dedication all the more worth it for Samuel Lehrer Miami. For him, this kind of philanthropy is what he wants to do to make the world just a little better.

Samuel Lehrer Miami discusses the kinds of children who attend the Little Yellow School House

Children at the Little Yellow School Houses come in many sizes, shapes, and colors, as well as barriers they face in their development. Be it something mental such as autism, downs syndrome, or learning disabilities, or a physical disability, children who struggle because of these things are welcome. The Little Yellow School House has goals that may vary from student to student; some are there to learn life skills, while others are trying to succeed in regular schools or attempting to reintegrate into one through the private school’s services, Samuel Lehrer Miami points out. The school has seen success with these initiatives, and are happy whenever they see a student moving on, no longer needing their services.