Samuel Lehrer of Miami Discusses Real Estate Investments in Long Island, Queens, and NYC

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Samuel Lehrer of Miami Real Estate Investments in Long Island Queens and NYC Samuel Lehrer of Miami Real Estate Investments in Long Island Queens and NYC

Samuel Lehrer of Miami is a real estate guru who has worked on many projects up and down the East Coast as well as kept up with advancements in construction around port towns in Mexico. He’s passionate about real estate and discusses below why investing in homes around Long Island, Queens, and NYC is a wise decision.

An experienced real estate professional, Samuel Lehrer of Miami has invested in a range of housing projects across many states, including buying, renovating, and selling a number of properties. Known for his housing flips in North Carolina, where the market for single-family homes is booming, he’s also gaining a reputation for investing in properties around New York City and encourages those who are interested to get involved.

“Right now, the housing market is a worthy investment with new opportunities for first-home buyers and single-family homes appearing from financial lenders and other institutions all the time,” says Samuel Lehrer of Miami. “It’s a great time to buy.”

Construction and real estate have long been an influence on his life, as his family invested in many properties while he grew up. He worked on several single-family home building projects as a teenager, helping his family prepare old houses for resale. Many times, this took him to residential buildings in Queens and NYC where he helped board up windows to protect them from the elements and other hands-on tasks.

“I was swinging a hammer every day, even in the summers during high school,” says Samuel Lehrer of Miami. “I had plenty of practice as a kid, which made getting involved in major projects as an adult all the easier.”

Today, he regularly invests in renovation projects that give homes a modern refresher while preserving as much of their original character and structure as possible. Besides having a high return on investment, renovating homes for resale cuts down on construction costs so investors can preserve architecture while saving time and money.

Turning his sights back to housing projects in the New York City area, he acknowledges the gigantic buyer’s market there and the huge potential for success.

“New York City is a major international hub teeming with life and always in need of quality housing,” says Samuel Lehrer of Miami. “Besides Manhattan, areas like Queens, Long Island, and Brooklyn provide a lot of opportunities for renovation and resale of single-family homes, which is a lucrative market right now.”

Today, just under 20 million citizens call New York State their home, with nearly half of the entire population concentrated around NYC. This means the area is a revolving door of home buyers in need of quality housing. Samuel Lehrer of Miami recommends all who have the desire and funds to do so to look to the NYC area for success in housing investments and renovation projects.