Samuel Lehrer of Miami Discusses the Potential for New Developments Near Cancún, Mexico

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Samuel Lehrer of Miami New Developments Near Cancún Mexico Samuel Lehrer of Miami New Developments Near Cancún Mexico

Samuel Lehrer of Miami is a business professional who supports educational facilities and outreach programs at home and abroad. Spending much of his time and being raised in Mexico, he’s become acquainted with the country’s land development and discusses the potential for new developments around Cancún. 


Samuel Lehrer of Miami

Samuel Lehrer of Miami and his family are longtime supporters of educational facilities on the island of Isla Mujeres in Mexico. Spending much of his time in the country, he’s developed a deep interest in the local real estate and the potential for new developments beyond the typical tourist areas. 


“There’s a lot of great lands out in Mexico that’s not currently being used for residential or industrial purposes, but which could serve as a great place for new development,” says Samuel Lehrer of Miami. “Developers need to look outside the typical tourist areas to draw in new revenue.”


He suggests that developers consider new developments outside of the well-known “hotel zone” in Cancún such as Isla Blanca and Puerto Cancún. Both of these areas, he says, have huge potential to draw in new tourists and visitors as well as create a spending culture that can support the local community. 


Both areas showcase the beautiful landscape of Mexico. Puerto Cancún is a marina with lots of traffic, but Samuel Lehrer of Miami suggests looking to the upcoming land development in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo, north of the city of Cancún, for inspiration. In these developments, plans include golf courses, a range of hotels, condominiums, shopping malls, multiple timeshares and plenty of space for retail businesses to draw people in. 


“Cancún is growing fast thanks to the money and culture coming in from tourism,” says Samuel Lehrer of Miami. “As Cancún expands and draws in more funds, the Northern quadrant of Cancun and Punta Sam are quickly turning into promising areas for development.”


One of the most notable new developments in the area, The Puerto Cancún development was designed by the EDSA and Humberto Artigas as a resort community that would feature a variety of living options. Hotels are being built that allow guests to visit the area for a short time. However, visitors will also have plenty of options to purchase timeshares or residences. 


Because the area is still under development, those looking to buy a home can still find empty plots to build to their unique specifications. Other amenities for the major development include a golf course, an ecological reserve, a clubhouse and spa, a marina, pools and beach access among other vacationing resources. 


“Puerto Cancún is meant to be a haven for tourists, locals, and Mexicans who vacation from Northern Mexico,” says Samuel Lehrer of Miami. “It’s a great example of what the undeveloped land can be converted into and will hopefully catch the interest of international developers.”