Samuel Lehrer of Miami Explains 4 Reasons Why House Flipping in North Carolina has Skyrocketed

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Samuel Lehrer of Miami House Flipping in North Carolina has Skyrocketed Samuel Lehrer of Miami House Flipping in North Carolina has Skyrocketed

Samuel Lehrer of Miami has been a part of ambitious home renovation projects up and down the East coast for decades and shares his critical insight with readers. Here, he helps people understand why North Carolina has become a recent hotspot for buying, renovating and selling homes.


Samuel Lehrer of Miami is a real estate professional who has spent years experiencing first-hand the growing and shrinking housing markets in America. He’s been an integral component of many house flipping projects and has come to recognize the high value in renovating properties instead of demolishing and starting from scratch.  


“Housing flips can have a high return on investment depending on the person in charge of renovation projects and the location of the home,” says Samuel Lehrer of Miami. “But it’s more than that. Renovation helps keep old properties around and preserves the work of homebuilders in generations before ours.”


In his experience, North Carolina has proved to be one of the most lucrative states for renovations as people are beginning to choose it overstates like Florida to retire or resettle. And Samuel Lehrer of Miami says there are plenty of great reasons why. 


“North Carolina is a great place to live for a number of reasons without mentioning its intrinsic southern charm,” says Samuel Lehrer of Miami. “The unique offerings there prove to contribute to one of the most popular house flipping markets in the country.”


  1. Housing Prices

For years, the housing prices in North Carolina have remained much lower than more heavily-populated regions. Today, the houses are still competitively priced, but the prices are slowly on a rising trend. It’s easier to buy and sell there than in most states as the price of purchasing (and ultimately flipping) a home tends to be much less expensive. Just a few years ago, the U.S. Census Bureau stated Charlotte experienced one of the largest population increases in the country. 


  1. Plenty of Undeveloped Lands 

North Carolina is the 28th largest state in the country at 53,819 mi². Much of this land is undeveloped and provides plenty of rich terrains to use as homebuyers see fit. It attracts people from larger cities who can own land at an affordable price. It also means that there are plenty of opportunities for future developments, strengthening their purchases. 


  1. Nature and Scenery 

For those looking to escape the bustling concrete jungles and the suburban neighborhoods of major cities, North Carolina offers plenty of variety in terms of nature and scenery. The state is full of hiking trails and rivers in addition to unique sights like mountains, forests, and valleys. 


  1. Mild Weather with Four Seasons

If for nothing else, North Carolina offers mild weather that is evenly balanced throughout the year. It has its rainy seasons, though they’re short, and snowstorms in time for the holidays. In addition, the state boasts four full seasons, which is a nice break from hotter climates like Florida and California where people tend to resettle. 


This all contributes to a richer buying and selling market that attracts people from all over the country, and Samuel Lehrer of Miami advises anyone interested in renovations to strike while the iron is hot.