Samuel Lehrer Shares How the Little Yellow School House Assists Disadvantaged Children on Isla Mujeres

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Samuel Lehrer Disadvantaged Children on Isla Mujeres Samuel Lehrer Disadvantaged Children on Isla Mujeres

Samuel Lehrer of Miami & Cancun Mexico has been a longtime supporter of the Little Yellow School House and sponsor of the Island Time Fishing Tournament that funds education on Isla Mujeres. He shares the unique elements the School House implements into their curriculum and how they improve chances of success for disadvantaged children on the island.


Samuel Lehrer of Miami, with the help of his family, spreads the mission of The Little Yellow School House to provide preparation for success to disadvantaged children on Isla Mujeres, Mexico. The facility is the only one of its kind on the entire island and would not be able to offer continued and improved services without the help of donors and volunteers.


“If it weren’t for The Little Yellow School House, many kids would go without the proper education simply because they have some form of disadvantage,” says Samuel Lehrer of Miami. “However, the dedicated educators and caretakers of the facility ensure that each child has an equal chance at success.”


The central financial support of the School House comes from the partner event Island Time Fishing Tournament which is an annual competition drawing in professional fisherman from around the world, and A list entertainers from Nashville and Los Angeles.  After a buy-in, tournament competitors fish within 50 miles of the coast of Isla Mujeres to be named top catch in four separate categories. Proceeds go to The Little Yellow School House.


Samuel Lehrer of Miami and his family help spread the word of both the facility and event and encourage others to get involved in various capacities. Because of the support of Lehrer and others like him, The Little Yellow School House has grown from a single-room facility to a comprehensive learning center with six classrooms, multiple full-time teachers, and over 50 students receiving intensive care and education in a matter of years.


“Volunteer support has helped both the facility and the partner tournament grow, which in turn allows the educators to invest in better equipment, more staff, and new programs,” says Samuel Lehrer of Miami.


The goal of The Little Yellow School House is threefold: first, they seek to help students develop essential life skills starting as basic and elementary as each child requires. Here the educators set up a foundation for children to work from that teaches them how to learn and retain information while exploring each child’s preferred learning style. Second, they help some students develop abilities to eventually return to a regular school setting. Lastly, for those already enrolled in traditional schools, the Little Yellow School House equips kids with learning resources that help them keep up with regular tasks and stay on track for graduation.


“In addition to all the help they provide disadvantaged children, the School House staff offers aid and education to the families, too,” says Samuel Lehrer of Miami. “They understand the difficulties from every perspective and are diligent to give each child the opportunity for success they deserve.”