Scott Damron is an experienced executive and serial entrepreneur with a business background in sales

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Disruptive leaders continue to change the ways in which many people go about their daily lives.


Many innovative entrepreneurs and executives today are seen as ‘disruptors,’ particularly within the technology industry. As a rule, these so-called ‘disruptive leaders’ are focused on changing the ways in which people think and behave, or how things are done – especially within a business environment.
This disruptive approach is capable of inspiring colossal change, either by transforming an existing market or driving an entirely new one. By creating alternatives to existing products and services, disruptive leaders and their teams are facilitating massive change, largely through innovation and a forward-thinking approach both to business and to everyday life.
By changing the ways in which people think and behave in both their professional and personal lives, disruptive leaders are transforming not just entire industries, but entire societies too.
An experienced executive and entrepreneur, Atlanta-based Scott Damron believes that many disruptive leaders and innovators share a number of similar traits and characteristics.
“The most successful disruptive leaders have learned how to disrupt their own mindsets. A large part of the ability to truly innovate, the increased focus which comes with a change in mindset is what allows these successful disruptors to remain one step ahead of the competition,” suggests Damron of one major shared trait.
The experienced entrepreneur goes on to point out that disruptive leaders often expect their teams to think and act in the same way, changing their own mindsets accordingly, although, he says, this is not always the case.
Next, Damron reveals how many disruptive leaders seek inspiration in unexpected places. “Traditional sources of data or information are, by their very nature, not part of a truly forward-thinking approach,” he remarks, “making them of limited value in an effort to be completely innovative and thus disruptive.”
“Most disruptive leaders,” he goes on, “also focus heavily on value proposition, essentially looking to give people exactly what they want, in the ways in which they want it.”
In doing so, these individuals are able to not only generate massive change, but often also enormous wealth, not just for themselves, but also for their investors and others connected to their organizations.
Perhaps the most significant similarity between successful disruptive leaders, however, is that they all share a commitment to lifelong learning, according to Damron.
“This is something about which I’m incredibly passionate on a personal level,” he adds. “It’s entirely my belief that a lifelong thirst for learning leads to an open mind, which is an essential trait for any successful disruptive leader.”
Scott Damron is an experienced executive and serial entrepreneur with a business background in sales, business development, and marketing strategy, with a particular focus on the healthcare and hospital sectors. Atlanta-based Damron credits his love of innovation and a forward-thinking approach to business for his success, both professionally and personally, and which has seen him and his endeavors prosper.