Scott Hirsch, Marty Hogan Give Back to Salvation Army Thru Legends Tournament

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Scott Hirsch Scott Hirsch

South Florida native Scott Hirsch has been a professional leader for decades, serving as an instrumental component of many ventures in industries such as marketing, branding, and app development. Recently, he helped the Salvation Army raise funds for hurricane relief in his area through a racquetball tournament that brought in professional players from around the world.

Scott Hirsch is a Digital Development Evangelist based in Boca Raton, Florida. For more than two decades, Hirsch has been at the Dig Dev game, and he started developing digital direct marketing for Lens Express in 1991 on the early Bulletin Board Systems and later, Compuserve, Prodigy and AOL. He’s also worked as a boxing manager in the past, helping to create and boost awareness of industry brands that encourage boxers to achieve their fullest potential. Over the years, he’s built a reputation as an exceptional professional leader and community supporter.

A native of Florida, Scott Hirsch has witnessed the destructive capabilities that hurricanes have on both residential and commercial properties in his state. To help many recover and rebuild following just such a natural disaster, he recently partnered with Marty Kogan and the Salvation Army on a Legends Tournament that raised thousands of dollars of relief funds.

“In the past twenty years, we have seen some of the most destructive hurricanes in history strike Florida, whether directly or in passing,” says Scott Hirsch. “Many Floridians are left homeless and many more face a loss in power or lose valuables to storms. Tournaments like the one we held in November celebrate competition while helping build funds to give those affected by hurricanes relief.”

The racquetball tournament took place in Sarasota in November and helped raise money for the Salvation Army to support those families affected most by the hurricanes. Champion racquetball players from across the globe took to the courts March 11-13 at the Quad Athletic Club. Overall, more than 250 people attended or played in the event, titled the America’s Cup International Racquetball Championships, and helped raise a total of $10,342 for the Salvation Army Hurricane Relief Fund.

During the event, the Legends Racquetball Tour offered more than $35,000 worth of prize money awarded to the winners of the competition, which amassed players from North Dakota, Alabama and Maine all the way to Japan. Family counselor for the Salvation Army Joe Coppola was one of the primary organizers of the event and credited Scott Hirsch and Marty Hogan of the racquetball community for their generosity in putting together the event.

“There were a lot of divisions to win in, such as the Women’s Singles and the 50-and-over Division, which helped bring in an eclectic bunch of professional players from all over,” says Scott Hirsch. “We were grateful for the money that was donated or earned during the event and are eager to prepare for the next event so we can provide even more relief to those in Florida affected most by hurricanes.”