Scott Hirsch Offers Consumer Relations Tips for Digital Marketers

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Scott Hirsch Scott Hirsch

Scott Hirsch, an international digital data marketing expert and successful serial entrepreneur, was recently featured in CBNation’s advice section for his e-commerce knowledge. Hirsch’s work with top brands and market leaders over the years has helped him accumulate inside expertise when it comes to rapidly increasing online sales. In the featured article, Scott Hirsch offers five methods companies and digital entrepreneurs can use to quickly ramp up online sales.

According to Scott Hirsch, a brand’s ability to rapidly increase e-commerce sales comes down to creating better experiences for the consumers. While this may sound a bit generic, creating better experiences means a company has to really listen to customers and be willing to quickly adapt marketing strategies to match consumer needs. As the digital space becomes more crowded, brands that strive to ultimately create better consumer experiences will ultimately scale faster than those who don’t.
Scott Hirsch also provides growth tips such as carving out sales funnels that serve actual consumer needs, rewarding all forms of consumer loyalty and providing incentives for consumers to become brand ambassadors or promoters. This means more than being transparent about your entire sales process and making the brand all about the consumer.
“Consumers want to feel like they are an essential part of their favorite brands,” shared Scott Hirsch, “from the boardroom to the checkout cart.”
When it comes to making mistakes, Hirsch recommends looking at your web pages that are underperforming to gain a better idea of where a disconnect may occur since something is typically missing. If that doesn’t lead to immediate answers, Hirsch also recommends engaging directly with target consumers and asking how their experience could have been better..
When customer needs are met and they feel as though they are a part of a brand’s identity, Scott Hirsch says they become “word of mouth advertising” and help grow the brand outside of traditional sales and marketing efforts. Rapid growth simply cannot happen through traditional avenues in the modern digital world; brands need consumers to become ambassadors and promoters.

Scott Hirsch’s advice and expertise has also been featured in Forbes, Fortune, Time, and Huffington Post. His extensive experience in digital and direct marketing, as well as being at the helm of several highly successful data analytics and email marketing companies, has made him a proven leader both inside and out of the boardroom.