Scott Zack, Chiropractor, Answers Common Chiropractic Care Questions

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Scott Zack Scott Zack

 Dr. Scott Zack, from Michigan, provides straightforward answers to a variety of commonly asked questions surrounding chiropractic care.

From insurance cover to how many treatments are needed, Michigan-based primary care physician and chiropractor Dr. Scott Zack addresses a number of the most commonly proposed questions centered around the field of chiropractic medicine.

“I’m most commonly asked about the list of ailments which chiropractors can effectively treat,” reveals Dr. Zack, a seasoned primary care physician and chiropractor from the Detroit metropolitan area of Michigan.

Asked what conditions chiropractors typically treat, Dr. Zack explains how a chiropractor may address anything from back pain to joint injuries. “Chiropractors care for patients with a variety of health conditions,” reveals the physician. Those in the field, however, are, he says, best known for dealing with back and neck pain. Muscular, ligament, and joint injuries or disorders may also be addressed, according to the expert.

Dr. Scott Zack is, he says, also often asked how many chiropractic sessions are typically required. “This always depends on the patient,” explains the chiropractor, “and, in particular, his or her individual condition or conditions.”

“Rest assured, however,” adds Dr. Zack, “as chiropractors, we’ll always do everything in our power to help patients to feel better as quickly as possible, and with as few treatments as necessary.”

Another common question asked of chiropractors is what type of training or education they have, according to Dr. Zack, who’s based in the Oakland County charter township of West Bloomfield, Michigan. “Doctors of chiropractic, as we’re known, are educated as primary health care providers,” he explains, “with an emphasis on the diagnosis and treatment of conditions related to the body’s muscles, ligaments, joints, and nerves.”

Educational requirements for chiropractors are, Dr. Scott Zack reveals, among the most stringent of any profession within the medical field. Four years of undergraduate college education followed by four or five further years of highly demanding academic study is the norm, according to the expert.

“Chiropractors are routinely educated in human anatomy, neurology, physiology, orthopedics, diagnostic imaging, laboratory procedures, nutrition, and more,” he adds.

Dr. Zack’s final commonly asked question surrounds insurance. “Often I’m asked, ‘Will my insurance cover chiropractic care?'” he reveals.

The answer, Dr. Zack says, is yes. Chiropractic care is included, he underscores, in almost all health insurance plans, including Medicare, Blue Cross Blue Shield plans, and certain Medicaid offerings.

“If you’re interested in receiving chiropractic care, check out your insurance company’s website,” adds Dr. Scott Zack, wrapping up, “and look for a searchable database of practitioners within their network who are covered by your policy.”