Scott Zack Highlights Importance of First Aid Training

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Scott Zack Scott Zack

Business owner Scott Zack, from Oakland County, Michigan, explains the importance and benefits of expert training in the field of first aid.

With courses available from organizations including the American Red Cross and First Aid USA, among countless others, training in the field of first aid has never been more valuable, both in the workplace and in communities across the United States and elsewhere around the world. That’s according to Scott Zack, a first aid-trained business owner and advocate for first aid training from Oakland County, Michigan, as he explains more about the process.

“From traditional CPR to automated external defibrillator training, it’s vital that, both in the workplace and in the community, individuals of all ages make a commitment to first aid training in order to be best equipped should an emergency situation arise,” suggests Zack, a successful business owner from the Detroit metropolitan area of Michigan. Both in the workplace and in the community, this, he says, becomes doubly important when considering more rural or remote areas with limited specialty medical backup.

American Red Cross first aid training classes, for example, he reveals, give individuals the information and the skills they need to help adults and children alike during many different emergency situations. “Available online or in person, as well as via the American Red Cross blended training method, first aid training from the organization delivers the latest information in a format that suits each individual best,” explains Scott Zack.

Trained in first aid for more than 20 years, Scott Zack, from Oakland County, Michigan, has further been an advocate for both basic and more advanced first aid training, both in the community and in the workplace, for more than a decade.

Elsewhere, and further to American Red Cross first aid training classes, organizations such as First Aid USA are, the first aid-trained business owner explains, specialized in offering training classes designed to help prepare employees for workplace emergencies. “First Aid USA and other similar organizations understand the need for employee safety,” says Zack, “as well as OSHA compliance.”

From CPR and automated external defibrillator training to, elsewhere, fire extinguisher training and more, dozens of management and technical training options are available, according to the Michigan-based businessman.

“What’s more,” he adds, wrapping up, “in addition to potentially saving lives, the correct first aid training not only promotes increased employee safety, but can also decrease workers’ compensation expenses significantly in the process.”