Scott Zack shares some of Detroit’s best attractions

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Scott Zack Scott Zack

Local businessman Scott Zack shares a selection of his favorite attractions to be found in the midwestern state of Michigan’s largest city.


From the Henry Ford Museum to Cliff Bell’s Jazz Club, successful Detroit business owner Scott Zack shares a number of must-visit attractions found in the midwestern state of Michigan’s largest city, nicknamed ‘Motor City’ for its ties to the auto industry, and the birthplace of chart-topping Motown Records.


“From world-class architecture and museums to sites of great historical importance and numerous beautiful public spaces, Detroit is home to an array of must-visit spots for anyone taking a trip to the city,” suggests Zack, a popular business owner from the Detroit metropolitan area. 


Nicknamed ‘Motor City’ for its ties to the auto industry, and the birthplace of chart-topping Motown Records, local business owner Scott Zack begins by highlighting, of course, the Henry Ford Museum and the Motown Museum. “You simply cannot visit Motor City without learning about the industry that gave Detroit its nickname,” suggests Zack, “and, equally, the fascinating story behind world-famous Motown Records.” 


The Henry Ford Museum, in Dearborn, just outside of the city, occupies more than 250 acres and is home to over 25 million artifacts, according to Zack. “Set inside its first and main building, meanwhile, Motown Records’ Motown Museum is another must-visit Detroit attraction,” adds the local businessman, “where the museum’s passionate guides will explain the story behind one of the most famous record labels of all time.” 


Zack is similarly keen to sing the praises of the Guardian Building, one of the most exquisite Art Deco skyscrapers, he says, in the U.S., and now a National Historic Landmark. “There’s also the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit, a repurposed auto dealership, today a contemporary visual, literary, music, and performing arts hub,” he adds, “with a ‘pay what you can’ policy on admission.” 


Next, Zack recommends a visit to the GM Renaissance Center, the seven towers of which largely dominate the downtown Detroit skyline. “Originally built by Ford, the GM Renaissance Center became the headquarters of GM in the mid-1990s,” he explains, “and is now home to an abundance of restaurants, hotels, shops, complimentary tours, and other year-round attractions.”


Directly outside the GM Renaissance Center, Scott Zack also recommends taking in the Detroit Riverwalk, which boasts pavilions, plazas, and parks to enjoy, and is said to be the perfect place to soak up mostly uninterrupted views of the city. 


“Furthermore, I’d recommend the Detroit Historical Society’s free-to-enter museum, too,” he adds, wrapping up, “plus Cliff Bell’s Jazz Club; the ideal place to grab a drink, a bite to eat, and to take in some of the legendary jazz club’s live music after a long day spent exploring Detroit.”