Scottsdale Certified Public Accountant, Jason Monroe Smith, Offers Expert Chief Financial Officer Outsourcing Services

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Jason Monroe Smith Expert Chief Financial Officer Outsourcing Services Jason Monroe Smith Expert Chief Financial Officer Outsourcing Services


A freelance accountant for over 12 years, Jason Monroe Smith of Scottsdale, Arizona helps local businesses overcome financial challenges by providing Chief Financial Officer (CFO) services on a temporary basis.

“By outsourcing CFO services, small to mid-sized businesses can remain focused on growth while financial goals, and all the tedious reporting that goes with it, are managed by a financial expert,” said Jason Monroe Smith, Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and Certified Financial Planner (CFP) of Scottsdale, Arizona.

Jason Monroe Smith’s CFO services begin by reviewing the organization’s financial goals and strategizes on what exactly is needed to take the company from where it is currently to where it needs to go. He uses analysis and strategic understanding to provide a detailed financial roadmap to achieve these goals, while also offering an in-depth study of the business’s competitive landscape. Jason can also evaluate his client’s financial systems to ensure they are designed for the company’s growth and can be enhanced to contribute to a paperless environment. He will even help select and negotiate with a software provider, remaining active in the implementation to ensure a smooth transition and any required training.

“Digitization is key if businesses want to thrive and accelerate their growth,” said Jason. “A paperless environment streamlines operations and helps create an efficient and productive workforce.”

As a CFP, Jason Monroe Smith helps Scottsdale businesses plan out projected financials through budgeting.

“A budget is essential to the everyday actions of an organization,” said Jason. “As a strategic CFO, I use financial forecasts as an iterative budget to ensure financial performance remains aligned to my client’s goals.”

Jason Monroe Smith’s other services include facilitating and analyzing financial reporting for key takeaways, which gives businesses an opportunity to re-evaluate business needs and be made aware of important events. He helps raise capital through his network of financiers and can facilitate capital restructuring. If the business is in the process of a transition, Jason Monroe Smith can serve as an interim CFO where he helps maintain financial alignment.

Jason Monroe Smith will also help with cash flow restructuring. From renegotiating vendor contracts, analyzing commission structures, to supply chain management and revenue attributes, Jason takes a deep dive and comes back up with actionable solutions.

“Cash flow is a common business challenge,” said Jason. “It requires a deep understanding of expenditures and where they are required and where they can be let go or reduced. But in the end, this is a highly important process to ensure a company is aligned to its growth trajectory.”.

Jason offers businesses an outsider’s perspective, oftentimes using this objective point-of-view to consult on strategic cost cuts that are sustainable and drive his client’s business growth forward.

About Jason Monroe Smith Scottsdale, CPA and CFP

Jason Monroe Smith is a Certified Public Accountant and Certified Financial Planner with over 17 years of experience. Located in Scottsdale, Arizona, Jason Monroe Smith Scottsdale specializes in tax and financial planning. Jason Monroe Smith’s in-depth CPA work has led to diverse experience and enabled him to work as an independent contractor where he prepares taxes, provides public accounting services, and performs financial planning services for small to mid-sized businesses.