Seeing is Believing… and Stuart Burchill is Demonstrating a New Standard of Workplace Safety

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Stuart Burchill Stuart Burchill
Stuart Burchill

Stuart Burchill demonstrates how his patented nanoscience based inventions lower energy bills for manufacturers AND increase worker safety.

In the past, groundbreaking technology could sometimes seem out of reach or too good to be true. Decision-makers and gatekeepers in factories hesitate when presented with a new invention they haven’t seen work in real life, and budgets can feel too tight to take a risk. Stuart Burchill is changing that notion by demonstrating his patented industrial insulation coating at factories. This invention is changing the standard for industrial workplace safety, and it’s even more impressive when experienced in person.

Stuart Burchill’s safe-touch coating provides a barrier between employees and scalding hot surfaces that are found in factories. This innovative spray-on insulation changes surface temperatures that are as hot as 400F and brings them down to 140F in just a few hours while the surface is hot and the equipment remains functional. It sounds unbelievable, but Stuart Burchill can make it happen right before your eyes. His technical team travels almost every week to factories around the US and around the world to demonstrate the effectiveness of their product on boilers, steam pipes, ovens, and other hot factory surfaces.

The safety and security of a company’s employees should come first and foremost, but spending time on getting new purchases approved can sometimes take a backseat to other corporate needs. While older forms of insulation begin to degrade or lose effectiveness, these innovative technologies can be used to quickly and easily replace the outdated materials and adhere to any shape. It will not only protect employees from injury and accidents, but also lower energy bills. Stuart Burchill explains the key advantages of his inventions and why they are so simple to demonstrate.

It can be applied to hot equipment while operating.

Heat Shield is sold in 2 gallon sizes, perfect for demonstration.

Results visible within hours

A coverage as little as 3 coats can give an impressive temperature reduction.

The water-based product is easy to clean up.

To see amazing results for yourself at your factory, contact or by phone at 800-767-3998.