Self-made Entrepreneur Stuart Hankin Says Volunteering Is Not An Extracurricular Activity But A Responsibility

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Self made Entrepreneur Stuart Hankin Says Volunteering Is Not An Extracurricular Activity But A Responsibility Self made Entrepreneur Stuart Hankin Says Volunteering Is Not An Extracurricular Activity But A Responsibility

Stuart Hankin is a self-made real estate investor and the owner of Hankin Homes.

Stuart is also a graduate of Cornell University. This is where he earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Operations and Information Engineering.

As a young boy, Stuart Hankin grew up in a suburb of Philadelphia. Over the years, Hankin honed in on his prominent entrepreneurial spirit. A characteristic he attributes to his grandfather, Harry Hankin.

Several years after college, Stuart started to buy both residential and commercial land.

Stuart Hankin took three years to study the most efficient way(s) to build new construction. Stuart uses his expertise for his company, Hankin Homes, to construct affordable homes.

Stuart wants to make a quality place for everyone.

It is Hankin Homes’ commitment to its clients. The business is a true reflection of Stuart’s innovative and contemporary mind.

The goal is to produce multi-generational households. Stuart Hankin Homes not only constructs houses, but it also builds homes.

Although Stuart is business-driven, construction is not his only passion. Hankin is additionally enthusiastic about giving back to his community.

Hankin Homes promotes homeownership to be a right for everyone. Stuart makes this achievable by using cost-effective construction materials.

This facilitates lower maintenance costs for future homeowners. That is precisely what Stuart Hankin wants and achieved in 2019.

Earlier this year, Stuart Hankin Hankin Homes completed five affordable new construction projects. It was a triumphant moment for all involved.

Stuart Hankin’s entrepreneurial spirit is always manifesting. Often showing up in his practical and modern construction plans.

Hankin Homes designs real estate, for real people.

Stuart Hankin is a busy entrepreneur, but he makes time to take part in his local community. He encourages others to do the same.

Hankin believes in the power of volunteers. How they can make a difference in the community.

When work is continuously on the brain, it is difficult to think of anything else. Stuart Hankin understands this struggle and offers his advice.

He shares how to find time to volunteer. “Volunteering isn’t done at the eleventh hour. Start by creating a time budget. Figure out how much spare time you have per week so that you can be upfront with your organization of choice. And when you commit to a certain amount of time, you won’t have to be anxious about 5 hours turning into 10.”

Stuart Hankin is a volunteer tutor at the Kid Sanctuary program.

A not-for-profit organization providing safe homes for abused, abandoned, and neglected children. The campus is an environment that nurtures self-esteem and hope.

As mentioned earlier, Hankin believes homeownership should be everyone’s right. He also thinks safety must be one too.

Stuart Hankin considers volunteering as a way to create safer communities. He believes it to be everyone’s responsibility.

Stuart states: “Volunteering isn’t an extracurricular activity, it is our responsibility as citizens. When you make this your way of life, your kids will follow suit.”

Together, Stuart Hankin Hankin Homes and community volunteers can build affordable neighborhoods. Safer places future generations can enjoy for years to come.

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