Servimeca Owner, Jorge Plaza Marquez, Highlights the Importance of Sand Control in Oil, Gas and Water Wells

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Jorge Plaza Marquez is the third-generation owner of Servimeca, a leading manufacturer of cutting-edge oil and gas filtration systems. Established in 1958, the company has set the benchmark for uncompromising quality in the Colombian and Venezuelan markets.

The entrepreneur has taken the company from strength to strength under his watchful eye. During its 50-year trajectory, Servimeca has made immense strides in the market, renowned for its sand control filters for oil, gas and water wells. Based on the requirements of each client, the company conceptualizes pipe filters with different production and manufacturing configurations.

Servimeca has invoked loyalty among a very prominent clientele; Pipe Supply & Services, Tenaris, Chevron and PanelMet. As a testament to the reliability and quality of its services, the company has received external recognition through the ISO 9001 Certificate by Fondonorma and IQ Net.

Says Jorge Plaza Marquez on the importance of sand control, “It’s easy to see why this market has experienced a tremendous upswing. The sand particles in oil and gas wells cause severe erosion and wear out the production equipment. This, in turn, leads to downtimes, costly repairs and even poses safety risks.”

“Industry folk question what constitutes an acceptable level of sand content,” Jorge Marquez continues. “It’s hard to say, really. This is based on operational limits like erosion-resistance, the separator’s capacity, the complexity of the sand disposal process, and the ability of the equipment to extract sand-traced fluid from the well.”

The businessman goes on to explain that the production of formation sands within a well is one of the most enduring problems in the oil and gas industry. This is usually connected with young formations that have little to no natural cementation, leading to loose grains.

“In fact,” the entrepreneur points out, “The petroleum market spends a fortune every single year to filter sand, fix the issues connected with sand production and brainstorm ways to predict and control it.”

What is Servimeca’s role in the equation? Jorge says it best.

“Our filtration systems use one of three methods,” Jorge Plaza Marquez elaborates. “Grooved piping is used for sand control in heavy and extra heavy oil wells. These pipes have a floor area with high-pressure drops during production. Perforated pipes, on the other hand, usher in better flexibility. They have the required configurations to transport water, oil, and gas to the final disposal site in an uninterrupted segment. Lastly, screens are very useful for vertical, horizontal and multilateral wells.”

The businessman points out that, to prevent future occurrences of the same, predicting sanding potential is crucial. This can be undertaken through field observations, lab experiments, and theoretical models.

“With field observations, we conduct sand flow tests to examine the formation rate. Through lab experiments, we draw from rock strength information on recovered cores. And in theoretical models, a correlation is created between the data collected and operational parameters using an analysis model.”

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Since 1998, the entrepreneur has gleaned an exceptional business acumen during his time as the President of Servimeca. Under Jorge Plaza Marquez’s leadership, the company has dominated the oil filtration segment with its uncompromising standards of quality and cutting-edge technology.

Aside from his business endeavors, Jorge Marquez indulges in his love for cryptocurrency investments. He is also a travel junkie and divides his time between Venezuela, Columbia, and the States.

The businessman plans to take Servimeca to staggering new heights and explore exciting business opportunities in the years to come.