Sessions’ Stance on Cannabis ‘fraught With Legal Contradictions,’ Says Attorney Charles X Gormally

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Charles X Gormally Cannabis ‘fraught With Legal Contradictions Charles X Gormally Cannabis ‘fraught With Legal Contradictions

Cannabis attorney Charles X Gormally on studying cannabis regulation in New Jersey

Cannabis regulation possibilities are being closely studied in New Jersey, and advocates for careful legalization like Charles X Gormally, attorney at the law firm Brach Eichler, are hoping cannabis regulation will move forward.

President Donald Trump’s Attorney General is considering diverting resources from other justice department priorities and focusing them toward shutting down cannabis shops, Charles X Gormally explained.

This decision would go against many states who have been expanding marijuana legalization and are collecting cannabis tax revenue. Charles X Gormally is hopeful that New Jersey will be one of the next states to legalize recreational cannabis use. He said Sessions’ stance on closing down pot shops is “fraught with legal contradictions” and is more likely to be a symbolic gesture than a practical one.
“There is not enough prosecutorial energy or funding to pursue the industry at this point, and Congress will never provide the resources, so at this point no Attorney General would be able to put those 29 genies back in their bottles,” said John Fanburg, a fellow attorney with Charles X Gormally at Brach Eichler.
According to a Forbes article (, many cannabis company CEOs are in agreement with Charles X Gormally.

Charles X Gormally specializes in cannabis law, and is the co-chair of Cannabis Law. He has long been an advocate of medical cannabis programs and creating a regulated cannabis marketplace in New Jersey. Charles X Gormally believes that New Jersey would benefit from adult-use cannabis in the marketplace and that it would be a needed financial boost to New Jersey and municipalities.

In a recent op-ed for NJ Biz, Charles X Gormally wrote, “ Given how the population’s view has coalesced, with the majority of New Jersey residents favoring the end of cannabis prohibition, we continue to be baffled by the Legislature’s inability to deliver what the people want. Indeed, we are disappointed, but we do have a glimmer of hope that the lame duck session this year will allow the Legislature to act as it has so many times before, in cowardice, passing a bill whose controversy is of its own making under the cover of darkness and with a long run-up to the next election.”
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Since its founding in 1967, Brach Eichler’s Cannabis Law Practice has been a trusted, practice that establishes personal relationships with its clients, rendering advice that is business-savvy and creative, yet practical. Charles X Gormally is the Chair of the Litigation Practice Group and a member of the firm’s Employment Services Practice Group. The New Jersey Supreme Court has acknowledged his commitment as a trial attorney by designating him as a Certified Civil Trial Attorney.