Setting and Reaching Fitness Goals With Bruce Crain of Mississippi

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Personal trainer, Bruce Crain of Mississippi, shares three tips for achieving physical fitness goals.

When the New Year comes around, one of the most popular resolutions people make is to get back to the gym. Finding the motivation to do so, however, can be more difficult than anticipated. Deciding to change your lifestyle is a significant first step. Bruce Crain of Mississippi explains what you should do next to get started and reach your fitness goals.

Besides the occasional gym membership special, there’s no other reason to wait until the New Year to begin your new fitness plan. Bruce Crain of Mississippi notes that people who decide to start “next Monday” or wait for a holiday have a low success rate – starting a goal by procrastinating increases the chances that you’ll procrastinate again. Your goals are not attached to a date!

Bruce Crain of Mississippi recommends writing down your goals and the steps needed to achieve them. Make a realistic timeline, list potential roadblocks, and get started right away. A strong support system is vital for encouragement and accountability. Personal trainers and fitness coaches are an excellent option for that extra push.

The second step is understanding why you made this goal and why it’s valuable to you. Bruce Crain believes that attaching emotion and urgency to your goal will help you follow through with the plan, even when it’s difficult. Quitting will not be an option when you discover a real passion for change. For example, a fitness goal may help you set an excellent model for your children, lower your risk of heart disease or diabetes, or help you feel more confident in your skin.

Finally, Bruce Crain recommends separating your excuses from your roadblocks. Reasons like not having enough time, waiting for a specific day, or wanting to save money, are only excuses. When you think about your why you’ll find that it’s easier to identify excuses and work harder for your goals. Turn that first step into real momentum!

About Bruce Crain:

Born and raised in Mississippi, Bruce Crain has built a successful career as a personal trainer. He specializes in helping clients improve their overall well-being through lifestyle changes focused on exercise and clean eating. He believes anyone can improve their physical and mental health with an individualized fitness plan.

Bruce Crain became passionate about health while earning his degree in Biomedical Sciences from Mississippi State University. He then went on to earn his master’s degree in Food Science, Nutrition, and Health Promotion from Mississippi State University. In his spare time, Bruce Crain enjoys outdoor recreational activities such as swimming, biking, and running. He also likes traveling to national parks across the United States.