Shumake Family and Friends Foundation Aims to Feed the Largest Group of Homeless Individuals in the U.S.

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Robert Shumake Foundation Aims to Feed the Largest Group of Homeless Individuals in the U S Robert Shumake Foundation Aims to Feed the Largest Group of Homeless Individuals in the U S
In lieu of continuing its tradition of feeding record-breaking numbers of people in need in Detroit, MI, with the Detroit Red Carpet Backyard BBQ, this year Robert Shumake and the Shumake Family and Friends Foundation will be participating in the nonprofit initiative called Home By The Holidays on December 20th at Second Ebenezer Church.

The Detroit Red Carpet Backyard BBQ catered to what was possibly the largest group of homeless individuals in the U.S. At each barbecue, over 5,000 people are fed in a single day, with some cookouts feeding up to 10,000 people.

There are over 20,000 homeless people in the city limits of Detroit, MI, many of whom report being hungry on a regular basis. Robert Shumake and a dedicated group of volunteers are hoping to chip away at that hunger and set an example for the kinds of philanthropic efforts that could ease the pain of need in the city.

“Detroit is home to thousands of people in need, all of whom deserve the fullness of human dignity and respect,” says Robert Shumake of the project. “Hunger is a communitywide problem with severe consequences for public health and wellness. Many of the individuals in Detroit’s homeless population are children, struggling single parents, disabled or sick people, or military veterans. Others have simply fallen on hard times. The Shumake Family and Friends Foundation is proud to serve the Detroit community with thousands of hot meals to nourish ourselves and one another.”

Robert S. Shumake is a business leader and entrepreneur with a long history of community service and philanthropy. Robert Shumake serves as the CEO of Shumake Global Partners, an L3C enterprise that works in a diverse range of sectors across technology and innovation, education, housing, community development, and financial services. Through his charitable nonprofit, the Shumake Family and Friends Foundation, Robert Shumake has sponsored the Robert Shumake Sponsorship Relays, serving over 25,000 youths thus far and providing over 100 college scholarships. Robert Shumake is dedicated to the betterment of the community via quality education, academic and athletic opportunities, and mentorships for youth.

The Shumake Family and Friends Foundation also supports global humanitarian efforts in Botswana, Ethiopia, and elsewhere. These fundraising efforts have helped over 3,000 students and HIV-positive orphans access education and training, in addition to providing business mentorship and opportunities for young adults.

To support Robert Shumake in his community development and philanthropic efforts, contact the Shumake Family and Friends Foundation to volunteer your time or make a donation.