Skin Care Tips with Dr. Hadi Rassael

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Skin Care Tips with Dr Hadi Rassael Skin Care Tips with Dr Hadi Rassael

Skin Care Tips with Dr. Hadi Rassael


Dr. Hadi Rassael – Skin Care Tips

Dr. Hadi Michael Rassael gets lots of questions from patients about taking care of their skin especially during the cold winter months. During this time, your skin becomes dry, itchy and irritated. Here are some tips to keep it looking fresh.


One tip that Dr. Hadi Rassael recommends is always applying a thick moisturizer after every shower to seal water into the skin. This will sure to help eliminate the dry skin that comes with colder weather.


“Although it might seem like a good idea when it’s cold, keeping the thermostat lower can help avoid dryness,” explains Dr. Hadi Rassael. “Central heat can make your house even drier, so try using a humidifier and setting the thermostat below 70 degrees to keep your skin feeling great.”

During the winter months, using a fragrance filled soap or body wash can irritate your skin dramatically. Using fragrance-free moisture filled soaps or gels will not only help your skin during the colder seasons but year round. This is a great tip to practice and can help you build better habits towards healthier skin overall.

Dr. Hadi Rassael always recommends routinely changing your skin care routines during colder months by using cream based cleansers and rarely using products that can dry out your skin; like astringents. This can help eliminate the dryness and irritation that your skin might be experienced. Moisturizing nightly will help as well. Also applying a great moisturizing balm to your lips such as petroleum jelly, or another ointment can help heal dry and cracked lips as well.


Caring Hands of Dr. Hadi Rassael

One area that Dr. Hadi Rassael realizes people overlook are their hands. Especially during the colder months, your hands can become dry and cracked. It’s important to moisturize with a cream and ointment during the winter months. Dr. Hadi Rassael recommends using a hand cream after each time you wash your hands.


One more tip that Dr. Hadi Rassael always recommends to his patients is applying sunscreen, especially in the winter. The sun’s UV rays can affect your skin even when it’s cloudy and cold outside.

With decades of knowledge and experience, Dr. Hadi Rassael has been helping patients heal and feel whole around the country. With a mixture of state of the art technology and best in class customer service, Dr. Hadi Rassael can help you reach your cosmetic goals and feel great again. To learn more, and connect with Dr. Hadi Rassael, click here.