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The National Rifle Association (NRA) was founded in 1871 by two Army veterans who felt troops needed better firearms training. Since then, the organization and its supporters, such as Skip Drish of Tampa, FL, have advocated for causes including gun rights and training. Here are a few reasons Skip Drish says you should consider supporting the NRA.

3 Reasons to Support the NRA

Protecting the Second Amendment

The Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution has been hotly debated for many years. Recently, disagreements about the amendment’s intention and meaning and how to uphold it in the modern age have consistently been at the forefront of political and social discourse. People like Skip Drish of Tampa steadfastly believe the Second Amendment’s creators intended for all citizens to have the right to own and carry firearms for recreational and security purposes. The NRA is the leading advocate of upholding these rights and preventing laws that could limit them.

Promote Education

One of the primary reasons Skip Drish of Tampa and many others support the NRA is its focus on firearms education. Along with advocating for Second Amendment rights, the NRA initially became widely popular across the United States because of its initiative to establish rifle clubs at colleges nationwide and partner with organizations like the Boy Scouts of America and 4-H to teach gun safety to youth. Today, the NRA is one of the leading educators of gun safety and firearm training for all age groups. As Skip Drish points out, gun safety education is critical to saving lives.

Promote Benefits of Recreational Gun Usage

In addition to protection and security, guns are a huge part of life for many people. Skip Drish of Tampa enjoys spending time at the gun range, which he says is beneficial in several ways, including stress relief, enhancing concentration, and boosting upper body strength. Guns are also widely used for hunting, both for recreational and survival purposes. Millions of people go hunting every year, some of whom rely partly on hunting as a source of food. The NRA helps to ensure hunters’ rights, as well as those of recreational gun users, are not jeopardized.

More on Skip Drish Tampa

Skip Drish has dedicated much of his life to protecting and serving. A licensed 100-ton boat captain, he contracts with the local police department and assists with search and rescue efforts. He also has an impressive background in security, emergency response, and law enforcement. After serving in the U.S. military as a Military Police/Investigations Corporal and Squad Leader in the U.S. and Europe from 1981 to 1984, during which time he earned a U.S. Army Medal for Heroism in the line of duty, he served in various roles within local, state, and government law enforcement arenas, beginning with a position as a Chicago Police Department officer. He has also served in various roles in security, medical services, and investigations, including working on the front lines and as an educator for emergency first response. In addition, he has worked for over 30 years in construction and is the founder of WorldWide Contracting, LLC.