Skip Drish Tampa’s 3 Tips for a Safer 2020

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The new year is the ideal opportunity to set goals and commit to positive change. Skip Drish Tampa, a military veteran, former police officer, and security and emergency response educator, encourages people to include improving safety in their resolutions list for 2020. Here are three safety resolutions suggested by Skip Drish.

3 Safety Resolutions for 2020

Take a Self-Defense CourseSkip Drish of Tampa

No one wants to imagine the horror of being assaulted or mugged, but unfortunately, it is a reality for hundreds of thousands of people in the United States every year. One of the best ways to prevent being harmed or killed in such an incident is to take a self-defense course. Many gyms and non-profits offer these for an affordable rate and the classes typically last a few hours over the course of a day or spread out over a few weeks. It’s well worth the investment to potentially save your life. According to Statista*, there were 185,437 aggravated assaults with firearms in 2018 and 123,253 aggravated assaults using cutting instruments.

Take a Gun Safety Course

One of Skip Drish’s primary goals in life is to educate others on proper gun handling and safety. The former police officer enjoys spending time at the shooting range and finds the exercises have several benefits, including enhancing concentration and upper body strength as well as reducing stress. He is also an adamant supporter of keeping a firearm in the home for personal protection. Whether you wish to use a gun for recreation or want to know how to handle one in an emergency, a gun safety course is another great investment.

Get Your Vehicle Checked

Car accidents are a leading cause of death and injury in the United States, affecting millions of people each year. Assess your driving habits to ensure you are driving responsibly. This means never driving after consuming alcohol and abstaining from using your phone, eating, or engaging in other distractions while on the road. Also, get a safety check for your vehicle. The mechanic will look for any issues with the brakes, wheels, and other areas that can affect safety.

More About Skip Drish Tampa

Skip Drish has had an illustrious career that includes various military, law enforcement, safety, and security positions in government, state, and local arenas, as well as success in business and construction enterprises. His resume consists of titles ranging from VIP Chief Operator of his private security firm, Investigations & Security Bureau Inc. to Military Police/Investigations (CID) (Europe) and trainer for Dignitary Operators. He has also worked in medical services and emergency response and was a Military Police/Investigations Corporal and Squad Leader in the U.S. and Europe from 1981 to 1984, for which service he received a U.S Army Medal for Heroism in the line of duty. After his military service, he worked as a police officer with the Chicago Police Department for several years.

In addition to running his construction firm, contracting with charters and local police as a boat captain, and providing emergency response, first aid, security, and firearms training, Skip Drish Tampa spends time giving back to his community through various charitable endeavors.

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