Small Business Consultant, Spencer Shaver Denver, Helps SMEs Master the Art of Marketing on a Budget

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Small Business Consultant Spencer Shaver Denver Helps SMEs Master the Art of Marketing on a Budget Small Business Consultant Spencer Shaver Denver Helps SMEs Master the Art of Marketing on a Budget

Spencer Shaver Denver is a businessman with phenomenal sales and marketing expertise. Based in Colorado Springs, he has curated an impressive resume through his work in business management, specifically helping small companies from coast to coast finetune their corporate vision and dominate new segments of the market.

Today, the business coach has some interesting words of wisdom for small business owners as far as their marketing efforts are concerned; truly words worth living by.

“I completely get it,” says Spencer Shaver Denver, “small businesses have a shoestring budget. Marketing becomes an expense that is often kicked to the curb. Before you do that, let me point out that we now live in an era where marketing has never been more affordable, trackable or effective.”

Spencer Shaver cites some key statistics. A recent study by customer research and analytical firm, Invesp, shows that SMEs spend less than $300 a month on online marketing and 75% of them have reported that this modality is very effective in drawing in new clients, so much so that 37% of these companies plan to increase their digital marketing spend over the next 12 months.

“With so many tools, it’s hard to zero in on just one or two,” Spencer Shaver Denver admits. “This is why I urge SME owners to start small and start strong. Email marketing is the go-to online tool that is proven to generate an ROI of $38 for every dollar spent.”

The businessman advises entrepreneurs to stick to the tried and tested route. The first step, according to him?

“Begin with an elevator pitch, a value proposition, if you will. Plenty of research has shown us that the average attention span on an internet user is 6 seconds. This means you have very little time to sell them on your products or services. The solution? Create a killer pitch that is bound to seize people’s attention in a matter of seconds.”

The businessman goes on to say that corporate citizenship is the way of the now. Customers look to brands that are actively involved in their communities, and display a genuine concern for social and environmental causes.

“You could participate in a 5k charity run or print bookmarks for the local library,” Spencer Shaver Denver advises. “It doesn’t take much but this kind of entrepreneurial philanthropy goes a long way to leverage your efforts within the local community and discover new ways to get your marketing message to the target demographic.”

When it comes to customer retention, the businessman is a strong advocate for fostering loyalty.

“Remember, it’s a lot less expensive to retain an existing customer than it is to get a new one.” Spencer points out. “The bedrock of a successful marketing strategy is to establish strong relationships with your client base. A great way to do that is by making your email marketing campaign engaging and valuable to the point where your customers look forward to getting it in their inbox.”

Spencer Shaver Denver acknowledges that we live in a world that first wants to experience before it can trust. He advises business owners to not dismiss the power of a free trial. This is a great way to invoke value in your offerings and coerce your prospects to carry out the purchase.

More on Spencer Shaver Denver

Spencer Shaver is the owner and Executive Producer at Skyward Artists Group. He has created a number of profound and thought-provoking documentaries rooted in the Christian faith.

His most recent endeavor, The Lost Temple film released in 2018, explored the archaeological history of Temple Mount, the holiest site in Israel and the alleged location for a series of structures that have long since been demolished. Now being one of the most politically charged sites in the world, the film showcases Temple Mount in a new light and seeks to uncover evidence to suggest that these structures were more than myth.

Spencer Shaver has taken his philosophies in life and business and turned that dedication into a professional consulting firm in 2009. He has guided business owners in the US to practice sustainably, grow their revenues and establish a strong foothold within their communities through meaningful philanthropic efforts.