So You Want to Be an Architect? Here’s How.

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Architecture is a field that is as old as human civilization itself. Architects have been responsible for designing and building the homes, workplaces, and public spaces we use every day. If you’re interested in becoming an architect, you’re in good company—but you may be wondering how to get started.

The first step to becoming an architect is completing a bachelor’s degree in architecture from an accredited university. This will typically take four years of full-time study, although some programs may allow you to complete your degree in less time. Once you have your degree, you’ll need to complete a professional internship program lasting at least three years. After your internship is over, you’ll be able to take the Architects Registration Exam. If you do well on that test, you’ll be a licensed architect.

Of course, becoming an architect is about more than just meeting the minimum requirements. To be successful in this field, you’ll need to have a passion for design, creativity, and problem-solving. You’ll also need excellent communication skills, as much of your work will involve collaborating with other designers, engineers, and construction professionals. If you have what it takes, a career in architecture can be immensely rewarding.

A career in architecture can be immensely rewarding—but it takes more than just a passion for design to be successful in this field. To become an architect, you’ll need to obtain a bachelor’s degree in architecture from an accredited university and complete a professional internship lasting at least three years. Once you’ve met these requirements, you’ll be eligible to take the Architect Registration Exam—and once you pass that, you’ll officially be an architect!