Social Media Powerhouse, Armani Izadi, Has Created a Multi-Million-Dollar Online Presence in Just a Few Years

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Arman Izadi Social Media Powerhouse Armani Izadi Has Created a Multi Million Dollar Online Presence in Just a Few Years Arman Izadi Social Media Powerhouse Armani Izadi Has Created a Multi Million Dollar Online Presence in Just a Few Years

Arman Izadi is an American businessman, hospitality entrepreneur and viral media star, best known as the creator of the Graffiti Mansion project. Izadi first gained mainstream prominence when he gave his 6,000-square-foot Las Vegas mansion a graffiti makeover in tribute to the victims of the 2017 Vegas shooting.

His #VegasStrong video garnered over 60 million views on YouTube, and caught the attention of social media star Logan Paul, who invited Izadi to create a custom mural in his 6.6 million dollar Encino mansion.

Since then, life hasn’t quite been the same for Armani Izadi. He has worked with the likes of Jojo Siwa, Chris Brown, Faze Rug, Tanner Fox and more, creating for himself a formidable reputation in the industry and amassing a following of almost 800,000 followers across Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. His mansion has seen numerous makeovers to commemorate Halloween, Christmas, and even Fortnite!

Recently, the star was seen officiating the wedding of social influencers Tana Mongeau and Jake Paul at his Vegas mansion. The lavish ceremony saw hundreds of start-studded guests in attendance, over 60,000 fans tuning in to watch it online, and even an impromptu skirmish during the ceremony.

Izadi’s YouTube channel alone has quite the array of videos for his 169,000-strong fan base.

In a recent video titled “10 Steps to Throwing an Epic Party,” Izadi began with his signature catchphrase, “Here’s the deal, and it’s a big deal,” following that up with, “Why am I the guy teaching you how to do this? Well, do you even know what I do?”

Referring to his 15-year track record as an event manager, Arman Izadi has built a phenomenal business from the ground up. The entrepreneur has powered nightclubs in Vegas, Hollywood, and Macau and hosted legendary penthouse parties, cementing his status as an outstanding entertainer in VIP circles.

In his video, Armani Izadi mentioned such things as picking a great location, renting out water slides and a mechanical bull to spice up the party, and in a humorous nod to his talents, even added, “The most important thing to do, of course, is call me.” He jokes, “If you can afford me, that is.

The social media star has proven that philanthropy is as important to him as business. Izadi has often leveraged his massive influence to bring awareness to important causes.

For Halloween 2018, Armani Izadi released a video where he and his team carved pumpkins for charity.

“We gathered a bunch of people today to carve over 500 pumpkins to raise funds and awareness for the Boy’s & Girl’s Club of Nevada. It’s going to be huge. The word’s gotten out so we have hundreds of people driving by right now and hey, Fox 5 is here too.”

Armani Izadi leads a very creative and fast-paced life, and shows no signs of taking things easy anytime soon.

“I love being in the eye of the storm,” he says.

The influencer harbors plans to take his business ventures and social media presence to staggering new heights in the coming years. For now, in between painting breathtaking murals, brokering huge business deals and throwing multi-million dollar parties, Arman Izadi is an undeniable force to be reckoned with.