Spencer Shaver Denver, Professional Composer, Shares Insights Into Scoring Music For Film Productions

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Spencer Shaver Denver Professional Composer Shares Insights Into Scoring Music For Film Productions Spencer Shaver Denver Professional Composer Shares Insights Into Scoring Music For Film Productions

Spencer Shaver Denver is a creative phenom within the entertainment realm, passionate about delivering thought-provoking content to global audiences. He is the Executive Producer at Skyward Artists Group, a Colorado-based company that specializes in Christian-themed documentaries and movies. The businessman has worked with industry heavyweights like PBS, FoxSports, and ESPN and composed music for film and T.V. productions.

“Soundtracks tell an amazing story, although most people dismiss their contribution in cinematography,” says Spencer Shaver. “The world of cinematic music is truly remarkable. Music’s primary job is to add nuance and drama to the narrative. When executed well it’s…magic.”

The entrepreneur has some interesting words about the technical influence of a soundtrack.

“Music helps the production’s cuts and camera work,” he explains. “For instance, a character’s emotions may be private. Music conveys those motivations to the audience in a way not much else can.”

Spencer Shaver Denver continues, “A perfect soundtrack can do one of two things; complement onscreen antics or work against them to highlight the filmmaker’s creative prowess. Brilliant, isn’t it?”

The composer strongly believes that, over and above being an additive, music can also be a separate entity all on its own. He elaborates on this quite simply.

“Cinematic scoring can become a character too. It can be used to, say, offset an actor’s jokes if timed well,” says Spencer. “Music can also be punctuated into a soliloquy to give its opinion on what’s been said, whether that is to agree with or disparage the ongoing dialogue.”

Spencer Shaver Denver has proven that his work ethic is uncompromising, having executive produced The Lost Temple film that was released in 2018. It is an eye-opening documentary, filmed entirely on location in Israel, that sheds light on the archeological history of Temple Mount; a politically and biblically charged site.

As far as his own philosophies are concerned, the entrepreneur has nothing but encouraging words for budding composers. “Observation is so so crucial before you put pen to paper,” he says. “When I first started out, and even to date, I make it a point to closely study experimental and creatively stimulating soundtracks, even if that means watching a film over 20 times.”

What challenges does the composer grapple with in the business? “For one,” he begins, “scoring for T.V. is tricky, given the scheduling. What I mean by that is, for every hour of television time, you need about 30 minutes of music. You also have to factor in revisions, so the turnover can be pretty demanding.”

Candidly, the composer reveals that he has seen days where he’s attained only 3 minutes of usable music out of a full day with the orchestra.

“It’s grueling for sure, only the most dedicated players make it,” Spencer adds humorously. “Because it requires every ounce of creativity I own, it holds a rare attraction for me!”

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Spencer’s expertise runs the gamut from entrepreneurial philanthropy, business consultancy, and filmography. His productions have created a seismic shift on a global scale and are all strongly rooted in his core Christian beliefs.

Starting out as a martial arts instructor in 1995, the businessman’s tenacity and spirit have taken him far. He has dedicated his talents to helping businesses from all over the country to realize their true potential and explore exciting and lucrative business opportunities.