Spencer Shaver Denver’s Film, The Lost Temple, Offers Great Insights Into The Temple Mount Sifting Project

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Spencer Shaver Denver Film The Lost Temple Offers Great Insights Into The Temple Mount Sifting Project Spencer Shaver Denver Film The Lost Temple Offers Great Insights Into The Temple Mount Sifting Project

Temple Mount is a site in Jerusalem, its 3000-year old history interlocked in a highly charged political battle. Jewish scriptures believe that it was once home to the First Temple, built in 500 BC, and the Second Temple, erected in the 6th century BC, both structures having been long-since erased from existence.

It is prophesied to become the site for a Third Temple during Christ’s Second Coming. Islamic religion maintains that it is the third holiest location following Mecca and Medina.

Spencer Shaver Denver is the executive producer at Skyward Artists Group. In 2018, his eye-opening documentary, The Lost Temple, explored the origins of Temple Mount.

Completely filmed on location, Spencer Shaver Denver’s take on this enthralling tale studies ruins, historical texts and expert testimonies to prove that the two structures, collectively known as the Holy Temple, did indeed stake a claim on Temple Mount all those centuries ago.

Because of its controversial origins, conflicting testimonies and the lack of scientific evidence to support that either of these two structures actually existed, numerous instances of violence have flared up on Temple Mount, with inter-religious tensions running high.

Israeli forces regained control over the Old City of Jerusalem in 1967 and today, the site rests within the power of the Jerusalem Islamic Waqf, a charitable trust that carefully supervises the entry of visitors.

The Temple Mount Sifting Project, presided over by the Bar-Ilan University, is currently ongoing, receiving generous funding from private donors through the Israel Archaeology Foundation.

The Sifting Project was spurred by the events of 1999 when an Islamic group conducted illegal renovations on the site and disposed off of 9,000 tons of dirt that contained priceless archaeological artifacts. This prompted renowned archaeologist Dr. Gabriel Barkay to sift through the matter and retrieve clues from a time long past.

Today, the Sifting Project has attracted the efforts of over 200,000 volunteers, bringing countless artifacts to light. These findings have largely swayed the theories challenging the Holy Temple’s existence, changing the course of history as we know it.

Every bucket of earth that has been sifted contains some measure of glass vessels, metal objects, mosaic tesserae stones, and fragments of pottery. Occasionally, valuable finds are exhumed like a clay sealing that appeared to contain the inscription, “Belonging to Iyahu son of Immer” in Hebrew; this was a priestly family believed to have existed contemporaneously with the First Temple.

Another find was a rare silver coin, reportedly minted at Temple Mount itself. Till date, over 5000 coins have been found on-site ranging from the Persian period, circa the 4th century BCE, to the modern era.

Spencer Shaver Denver’s film, The Lost Temple, touches upon the historicity of Temple Mount in great detail. Through a profound narrative, it takes into account the Director of the Sifting Project Dr. Gabriel Barkay’s testimony, and his theory that someone tried very hard to erase all mention of the temple from the pages of history. The documentary also features many of the artifacts found during the excavation.

Spencer Shaver Denver creates stimulating films and documentaries that are founded in theology. He has a flair for delivering cinematographic productions to audiences in a way that leaves a lasting impression.

Spencer Shaver Denver also cherishes a passion for business and shares his acumen with small companies across the country to help them develop their business models. The entrepreneur has taken to several philanthropic pursuits and believes in the value of giving back to the community. He advises businesses on how to achieve systematic and meaningful philanthropic work.

Today, Spencer Shaver Denver continues to immerse himself in exciting business opportunities and explore his passion for Christian filmography.