Spencer Shaver Helps Businessmen Make a Real Difference With Entrepreneurial Philanthropy

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Spencer Shaver Denver Make a Real Difference With Entrepreneurial Philanthropy Spencer Shaver Denver Make a Real Difference With Entrepreneurial Philanthropy

Charity begins at home or, in this case, business. Many businessmen choose their favorite charity on a whim; whether that’s because a friend suggested it or because they feel a certain emotional connection towards a certain cause.

Entrepreneurial philanthropy is more than simply showering money on a beneficiary. Here, you have the opportunity to bring about real change and solve real problems.

Spencer Shaver Denver is a consultant on entrepreneurial leadership and philanthropy and advocates that, much like starting a business from the ground up, philanthropy is about clarifying your own objectives, assessing the true impact of giving to a social issue and developing a proactive plan.

Create a Checklist That Details Your Motives for Giving:

“What are my beliefs and values?”

“Which values and beliefs will anchor my philanthropy.”

“How personally engaged do I want to be?”

Introspection is key to a sustainable philanthropic effort. Take into account the people, problems, places, pathways, and philosophies that are in urgent need of your support.

Spencer Shaver Denver endorses that if you are committed to making meaningful change in this world, it’s important to articulate your personal definition of philanthropy, uncover issues that feed into this definition and ponder the outcomes you hope to achieve.

Study the Issue and Its Immediate Environment:

Research is so important not only for the cause itself but the factors surrounding it. What many don’t know is that philanthropy, if done without introspection, can actually have an adverse effect on the issue you so strongly started out to help.

For instance, well-meaning donors gave toward hurricane relief efforts in the form of food and toiletries, however, it was soon found that this impacted local stores that needed the business to make a living.

The solution, according to Spencer Shaver Denver? Don’t be so hasty to write that check. Take into account underlying factors and how these play into each other. Invest the time to understand why the cause has been set up and how exactly your money is going to be used.

Measure the Time Impact of Your Support:

“Give a man a fish and you’ll feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and you’ll feed him for a lifetime.”

A single individual with power can do astonishing things. What often falls by the wayside is that we do not consider the time benefit of our support. For instance, giving towards the construction of an orphanage will reap benefits for decades to come, but the benefits accrued from volunteering at, say, a soup kitchen for a day is much more short-lived.

Spencer Shaver Denver encourages entrepreneurs to first develop a time frame for their intended support. This narrows the pool of options and makes the decision much easier.

Spencer Shaver Denver Helps Philanthropists Make Meaningful Change:

Spencer is a business consultant and guides entrepreneurial philanthropists in their journey toward discovering unique ventures, deploying financial resources the right way, and ultimately, making real change in the world.

Spencer Shaver Denver has a passion for strategic and purposeful business ventures; a passion that he has transformed into life-changing philosophies.

He has helped over 100 small businesses from coast to coast give meaning to their philanthropic efforts and structure a POA that spells success.