Spiderman Mulholland: Why When Buildings Leak, It’s All Downhill From There

Spiderman Mulholland: Why When Buildings Leak, It’s All Downhill From There

With many investigations under his belt, what has Spiderman Mulholland found in common with his investigations?

Ocala, Florida — Mold. Water damage. Structural failures. What do all of these issues have in common? Water leaks. When a building springs a leak that is not quickly dealt with, it’s very easy for it to start to degrade and decline as time goes by. As a forensic construction expert, Scott Spiderman Mulholland has participated in over 4,000 building investigations for over 35 years in the business. As a state-certified general contractor, he’s acted as an expert witness in civil litigation and provided information to clients on a wide range of water infiltration issues. But why does water infiltration cause all of these problems?

When water infiltrates a structure, it sticks around for a while. This provides the opportunity for the higher-humidity localized environment to activate and sprout mold spores that may have otherwise remained dormant. The moisture seeps into drywall, carpeting and numerous other finishes, requiring replacement in most situations. The moisture causes damage to the structural members of the building, whether causing the wood to rot or the steel to rust. The total damage caused by water infiltration into the building envelope is responsible for the vast majority of building litigation cases, totaling billions of dollars.

Mold can be a serious concern for human health. “Mold poses serious health risks for people. At USBCI, we use advanced protocols, mobilized laboratory equipment for specimen collection and analysis, and work along with nationally accredited laboratories for testing,” Spiderman Mulholland mentions in a recent post. One-quarter of all people with asthma react to mold in the environment.

Water damage isn’t just a problem for an old, failing roofing system. “Even new buildings experience water damage if the project was not managed properly or low-quality materials were used,” Scott mentioned recently. As water infiltrates the building envelope, it creates areas where not only mold but damage to drywall and other finishes. The average cost of water damage in the US alone tops $13 billion annually.

It can even impact the structural members of the building over time. Spiderman Mulholland has seen it happen time and again, “It has been said that 80% of all construction litigation is associated with water intrusion issues, and we excel in this key area along with other associated issues that occur from latent construction defects.” Damage to wood starts within days.

Spiderman Mulholland has published his personal journey in his book “Jump!: Now You Will Have No Excuse” which details his rise from an abused child through his enlistment in the Marine Corps to his success as an expert in water infiltration and construction.