Sports Star Becomes Campus Leader: Corey Aaron Shrader

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Corey Aaron Shrader Corey Aaron Shrader

When it comes to that rare combination of leadership and collaboration, this University of South Florida student has it in spades. Corey Aaron Shrader completed his education in Biology and Biomedical sciences in 2019 but while this may sounds like he is a one track pony, the graduate wasn’t always passionate about the sciences.

As a student, Corey Aaron Shrader excelled and competed in athletics where he was an all-state champion. He was able to later take this competitive drive and excel as a student where he learned several important skills that have become necessary as a professional. Some of those skills include:

Laboratory Practices: A staple of biomedical sciences, Shrader achieved high results and recommendations from his professors.

Digital Nativity: Corey Aaron Shrader understands the full suite of Microsoft Office business best practices including Microsoft Excel data analytics and interpretations and PowerPoint presentations.

Sales and account management: Necessary to a professional environment, Shrader is known as a sales leader by his peers.
Speaking of general leadership, as a student at the University of South Florida, Corey Aaron Shrader was a member of the University of South Florida branch of the National Society of Leadership and Success. As a member of the board, he led in training day events that were attended and showcased the works of influential figures.

Additionally, he was a member of the group’s Student Networking Team which allowed him to flex those natural and core leadership skills as an athlete in setting and achieving goals as well as communicating with others in a team member as well as networking capacity.

This has been an enormous net benefit to his professional career. In addition to being a data-driven research expert and statistician, Corey Aaron Shrader is a full-time sales professional who has ramped up his efforts as a leader in his community and at work.

His work achievements as an account executive at Tampa’s branch of PLS Logistics Services include serving as a voice and liaison for customers while educating them on the company’s services. Additionally, he utilized his networking skill set achieved in college to cold call potential new clients and turning them into new leads and prospective clients. Finally, thanks to his knack for finding business solutions through a research-minded approach, Corey Aaron Shrader has become an innovative force on the client solution development side of the business.
Thanks to his background in athletics and leadership in college, Corey Aaron Shrader is a leader in the sales profession today.