Stephanie Morgan Achieves Status as a Certified Member of the American Association of Airport Executive

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Stephanie Morgan of Lewiston, Idaho is proud of her accomplishment of becoming a Certified Member of the AAAE.

There has never been any question about the dedication that Stephanie Morgan has toward advancing in her airport career. Having worked hard throughout her life, Morgan’s employers are certain of her commitment and work ethic. However, Stephanie Morgan of Lewiston, Idaho has always strived for greatness within herself. Complacency is not something that Morgan accepts. Therefore, she works hard to advance.

After working tirelessly to complete the program, Morgan achieved Certified Member status of the American Association of Airport Executives (AAAE). Morgan is excited to announce this accomplishment. The main reason being that it is a great advancement in her path to career success. Having worked at the Lewiston-Nez Perce County Regional Airport for over a year, she is ready to.

Eligibility for Certified Member Status

There are certain stepping stones that serve as a prerequisite for the Certified Member status. This is an honor that Morgan now shares with Corporate, Military and Academic Graduate members of AAAE and IAAE.
Many high-level positions require this certification. With it, Morgan can obtain employment as airport management and other high-security, high-value airport positions. Fieldwork and experience with aerodrome procedures are critical.

The Certified Member Program Process

Once the correct status is obtained, the Certified Member applicant must apply and submit a program fee. Upon application acceptance, study materials are provided. For those that study better in a classroom environment, applicants are granted access to the Loretta Scott, A.A.E., Accreditation/Certification Academy.

After enough preparation, the exam must be scheduled in advance. Exams take place during the AAAE Annual Conference and Academies, at the AAAE headquarters. A local option is also available. Yet, this option is dependent on finding a qualified proctor and setting up a meeting place. It does happen throughout the country, several times per year. However, many candidates prefer going to AAAE headquarters. It is an experience.

There are 180 questions on this online exam and to pass, the applicant must answer at least 126 questions accurately. Fortunately, completing the task online enables applicants to know whether they pass or fail immediately after completion. Although, the official results will take up to ten business days.

However, once a person knows they are successful, there is no further delay. Immediately, that person earns the right to add C.M. to their professional signature.

Benefits of Becoming a Certified Member

Becoming a Certified Member offers many reputational benefits. Yet, there are also physical attributions. In addition to the signature change, Certified Members can receive a certificate of completion and a lapel pin. This helps to identify them and proves the validity of their status.

To close, Stephanie Morgan of Lewiston, Idaho has always taken her occupation seriously. Although, this new accomplishment has helped solidify her dedication for her superiors. After all, Morgan was already aware of her own commitment. However, this is far from Morgan’s final accomplishment.

Becoming a Certified Member has only strengthened her resolve to further her career within the AAAE. Morgan is not sure where this certification will point her, but she is eager to see what the future holds.