Stephanie Morgan Explores How to Find the Best Tides for Your Desired Fish

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Fishing trips can be thwarted by the changing tides, but Stephanie Morgan of Lewiston, Idaho helps anglers discern a pattern.

Tides are the pulse of the water. Constantly ebbing and flowing throughout the current, tides control the movement of the water’s inhabitants. Fish and other wildlife that live within the ecosystem understand the flow of the tide. It gives movement to their life.

The changing of the tide is more important to the underwater community that time is to us. However, since humans do not live by the tides, there is only so much we can gather from its movement. Anglers are affected by this disconnect because it can sometimes be difficult to pinpoint when the fish will be biting.

Fortunately, Stephanie Morgan of Lewiston, Idaho has acquired a few tips throughout the years. These tips can help fellow anglers turn the tides to their advantage.
Research the Tide Times for Your Area

There is a specific pattern to the tides, which can be calculated to the minute. The phases of the moon weigh heavily on the times of high and low tides, in addition to weather factors. Yet, on normal days, without any outstanding anomalies, high and low tides can be tracked easily.

There are a few reliable services available which track the tides, including the NOAA website. With this information, anglers will be able to know when the best time will be to drop their line.
Know the Movement of the Fish

Fish, big and small, are directed by tides. Therefore, each movement of the tide gives fish transportation into what is perceived as safer water. When the tide comes in, the fish tend to come closer inland, preferring the shallower water to the dark depths of the ocean.

However, when the tide goes back in, the fish retreat to deeper waters. Of course, it depends where you wish to fish, in deeper water, or in shallow water. Yet, for most beginning anglers, waiting for the tide to wash the fish closer to the land works well.

Bottlenecked Areas are an Angler’s Best Friend

Certain tides ebb and flow through bottlenecked areas. This is an area where the land compresses the available flow of water to a smaller space. This is a great place to fish during the changing tides. Not only are the fish pushed through that space exclusively, but a school is also forced closer together.

This gives the angler the advantage, as their bait is easier to spot in a bottlenecked area. Therefore, whenever you can, you are going to want to fish in a bottlenecked portion the body of water.

Know the Current

In addition to the tide, it is good to also be aware of the current. As an angler, you never want to push against the current. You always want to go with the current, because that is what the fish are doing. Going against the current is unnatural.

Therefore, fish will stay away from a foreign object that is fighting what they rely on to survive.

In summation, focusing on the tides and the current structure of the water is as important as the fishing location. Dropping your line in specific places, at specific times is crucial for a successful fishing trip. Stephanie Morgan of Lewiston, Idaho is sure that anglers who understand the tides are prone to attract their desired fish.