Stephanie Morgan of Lewiston, Idaho – Aviation Career

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For over a year, Stephanie Morgan has worked diligently to propel her career in aviation.

Stephanie Morgan Lewiston Aviation Career
Stephanie Morgan Lewiston Aviation Career

The last year and a half have proven to be a thrilling upward accent in the career for Stephanie Morgan of Lewiston, Idaho.

While it has not been an easy feat, it has certainly been rewarding. Morgan has become an asset to the aviation field; through her work and her willingness to inspire others.

While Stephanie Morgan is far from finished pursuing her goals, she is proud of her accomplishments thus far.

Morgan’s efforts have proven essential in her progress. Doors are opening for her that she would have never thought she would achieve access to so quickly.


Early Career

May 2017 marked the month that began Stephanie Morgan’s journey. It was at this time that Stephanie Morgan was hired as a manager for the Lewiston-Nez Perce County Regional Airport Authority. Morgan was highly qualified for her position.

Yet, having this responsibility was still a progressive and exciting step for Morgan.

However, she excelled with ease, falling into the position with tact and grace.

Stephanie Morgan was more than ready to accept this challenge. Therefore, accolades she received, as a result, came as no surprise.


Recent Personal Achievement

Even though her education and field experience gave Stephanie Morgan the proper qualifications for the job, she is always learning. Therefore, as a personal challenge and to help further her occupational prospects, Morgan became a Certified Member of the AAAE. This is no small feat.

This achievement is decided by occupational prerequisites, specific knowledge retention, and a test.

While becoming a Certified Member of the AAAE is an honor, it is not a direct bump in a career.

Rather, it helps boost a certified person’s reputation. This allows people like Morgan to meet with highly-regarded people in her field routinely. Thus, she has the opportunity to make important connections.


All Women CEO Panel

There was a specific CEO panel at the AMAC in Seattle which received a plethora of attention throughout the convention. This was due to the panel being the first of its kind; The panel was entirely female. One of those female industry professionals was none other than Stephanie Morgan of Lewiston, Idaho.

The six women are all revered within their field. Therefore, they were able to have a deep, bountiful discussion on their panel. This all-female panel was the first of many to follow, which brings new insight and perspective to the industry. These women set a precedent for a new era in the aviation industry. Stephanie Morgan is proud to be an active contributor to that new era.

To close, Stephanie Morgan of Lewiston, Idaho is extremely proud of her achievements. All her efforts prove to be paying off quickly and effectively. Morgan’s hard work is rewarded both by her direct superiors and the industry. Plus, Morgan is making a life for herself while following her dreams. Throughout this journey, Morgan is learning that the greatest reward is coming as a result of hard work and accomplishment.