Dr. Steven Morris Trading Surgical Scrubs and Scalpels for Brand Building

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Dr. Steven Morris Trading Surgical Scrubs and Scalpels for Brand Building


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With an extensive background in the cosmetic surgery industry, his new role as a specialist marketing consultant will see Dr. Steven Morris deliver expert marketing guidance to others in the field. As a highly qualified surgeon, he is uniquely positioned to advise on the intricacies of successfully marketing a business.

In addition, having specialized in cosmetic surgery, Morris has experience is many fields. Dr. Morris joins a new wave of marketing consultants emerging from other specialties within their industries, professions or areas of expertise.

“While most of those in the mainstream marketing world have chosen to focus on all-encompassing aspects of technology, online retail or social media, others are opting to take a more specialized approach,” explains the surgeon. “Like myself, they’re doing this by tailoring their services very specifically to a particular industry or niche.”

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By focusing exclusively on cosmetic surgery and related aesthetic procedures, Dr. Morris will address marketing opportunities and tackle obstacles pertinent and often unique to these fields. “I’ll be looking to cover the growth of sales, brand awareness building, market share growth and new customer targeting, as well as the launch of new products and services,” Dr. Morris explains. “The goal will ultimately be to increase revenue and profit.”

Dr. Morris also plans to address entry to new procedures, improvement of existing customer and stakeholder relationships, and the streamlining of internal communications on behalf of his clients.


“As a specialist marketing consultant, I’ll set positive, confident and achievable objectives for client projects, such as increasing inquiries from marketing communications by 30 percent before the end of the year,”


Dr. Morris explains next that, “Another example,” he continues with his proposed marketing strategies, “would be to increase sales by 20-25 percent within a period of 12 months or less.”

With over 25 years of experience in the worlds of reconstructive and cosmetic surgery, Dr. Morris has witnessed first hand the ever-evolving nature of the marketing processes behind the two industries. Morris believes that by leveraging his own personal knowledge and experience, he’s perfectly equipped to deliver class-leading results.

Furthermore, a graduate of Texas A&M Health Science Center College of Medicine in College Station, Texas, Dr. Steven Morris completed both plastic and general surgery residencies at Rochester’s Mayo Clinic in Minnesota before embarking on a successful career in plastic surgery.

Alongside surgical practice, Dr. Morris also boasts an extensive knowledge and understanding of aesthetic medicine. In addition, Dr. Morries is trained in non-surgical cosmetic services, such as cutting-edge anti-aging, health, and wellness procedures.

To learn more about Dr. Steven Morris and his new endeavors, read more here.

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