Stuart Burchill Creates Heat Shield Coatings to Insulate Large Tanks

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Stuart Burchill Insulate Large Tanks Stuart Burchill Insulate Large Tanks

The long-lasting solution manufacturers have been waiting for is here thanks to Stuart Burchill’s nanotechnology.

Manufacturers face the difficult task of insulating their large tanks and processing equipment. These tanks usually hold fuel oil, process asphalt, or are used in chemical processing. Depending on the nature of the factory, tanks can tower multiple stories high, which means there is plenty of room for heat loss or gain. Not only do manufacturers need to find a way to insulate extremely large and bulky pieces of equipment, but they also need to find materials that will stand up to outside weather conditions.

Nanotechnology expert, Stuart Burchill, explains that older types of insulation, such as fiberglass and mineral wool, are especially difficult to apply. They must be wrapped around the entire tank and then be held in place with an exterior covering, usually made of aluminum. Stuart Burchill notes that these older forms of insulation are extremely time consuming and expensive to apply, not to mention their short lifespan in the event of moisture infiltration. Due to harsh outdoor and factory environments, moisture infiltration is almost impossible to avoid, causing corrosion underneath the insulation (CUI), which can be a multi-billion dollar problem.

To help manufacturers solve this important issue, Stuart Burchill created Heat Shield Thermal Insulation Coatings, sold by Synavax. These spray on coatings are easy to apply to any equipment no matter the size, shape, or location. It offers a high performance thermal insulation that prevents corrosion, lowers energy costs, and increases safety in the workplace.

Stuart Burchill explains that spray on nanotechnology coatings eliminate the need for the laborious application process needed in older forms of insulation, since affixing a second layer around the tank insulation is no longer necessary. Below, Stuart Burchill lists the benefits of coating large tanks with Heat Shield Thermal Insulation Coatings.
ong-lasting Insulation.
Maintain high insulation performance and results.
Resistant to rain and moisture infiltration.
Prevent corrosion and CUI.
Can be applied while tank is still hot and operating.
Splash resistant to chemicals.
Easy to apply – as simple as painting!

These benefits are impossible to ignore, which is why Stuart Burchill’s thermal insulation coatings are making their way around the world! High Shield EPX-H20 coatings have been used on sulfur, asphalt, and deaeration tanks for clients. Other manufactures have seen amazing results by using Stuart Burchill’s Heat Shield High Heat and Translucent PT coatings for onshore and offshore fuel oil storage tanks, methanol tanks, black liquor tanks, digester tanks, and biodiesel tanks.

Seeing is believing, which is why Stuart Burchill offers demonstrations and small batch orders for testing. Save money, protect your assets, and request a custom specification today. For more information, please visit: