Stuart Burchill Explains How One Company Can Change the World

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Stuart Burchill How One Company Can Change the World Stuart Burchill How One Company Can Change the World

Synavax launches green initiative to encourage customers to save our planet.

It’s no secret that humans have had a dramatic impact on the environment through logging and deforestation. As the population increases, so does our need for resources. One company however, is striving to make an impact by not only offering eco-friendly insulation products, but also by launching the Every Leaf Matters initiative.
Synavax, a revolutionary company that specializes in research, nanotechnology, and sustainability, has taken the initiative to make a difference in our planet one leaf at a time. With every order of energy saving product purchased, Synavax will include free seeds for their customer to plant and participate in cleaning up our precious air and reduce global warming… the natural way.

Collectively, humans can make a drastic impact with just a little bit of effort from each person. Plants cool our climate by exchanging CO2 for O2, and by releasing evaporated water through transpiration. In addition to helping our planet, nanotechnology expert, Stuart Burchill, explains added key benefits of having plants around.


Keep respiratory diseases at bay by introducing houseplants into your home. Stuart Burchill explains that plants release approximately 97% of the water they take in back into the air, increasing the humidity of a room. They can also be very easy to care for depending on the species.
Studies conducted at the Agricultural University of Norway have shown that indoor plants reduce dry skin, colds, sore throats, and dry coughs. In addition, researchers at Kansas State University found that hospital patients with plants in their room had less anxiety and fatigue, had lower heart rates and blood pressure, and were released to go home sooner.

Stuart Burchill also notes that plants help people breathe easier by absorbing toxins from the air. People and plants are natural life partners since plants absorb the carbon dioxide humans breathe out, and then release oxygen, the gas humans depend on to survive.

Improved Productivity and Focus

A study by Dr. Virginia Lohr from Washington State University found that common houseplants made people 12% more productive and less stressed. This makes for happier employees, which leads directly to more satisfaction with a job and increased productivity.

Stuart Burchill is also particularly fascinated by a study at The Royal College of Agriculture in Circencester, England which showed that students demonstrate 70% greater attentiveness when taught in rooms containing plants.

Every Leaf Matters

Whether you are a renter or home buyer, Stuart Burchill believes there is the perfect plant for your living space. No matter the climate, everyone can grow a leaf and sow hope for future generations. Synavax has an interactive map on their website that shows how customers around the world are making a difference, one leaf at a time. Visit: