Stuart Burchill Gives the World Fresh Air One Plant at a Time

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Stuart Burchill World Fresh Air One Plant at a Time Stuart Burchill World Fresh Air One Plant at a Time

The Every Leaf Matters™ Initiative is Stuart Burchill’s Pledge to Make a Difference with Every Synavax Order Sold

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As carbon emissions continue to rise on Earth, nanotechnology expert, Stuart Burchill, believes everyone can make a difference through the small effort of growing new green leaves. If everyone were to plant even one tree or houseplant this year, we could drastically impact the quality of our planet’s air and reduce the surface temperature, which continues to go up. Synavax, a company which sells eco-friendly spray on insulation for manufacturers, is doing its part to make a difference and encourage others to get involved in our planet’s well-being.

The Every Leaf Matters™ initiative is Stuart Burchill’s way of sowing seeds of hope for future generations. As just one person, it’s so easy to feel like another number that can’t make any real change. However, the human race collectively can make all the difference in the health of our world, which is why these types of initiatives are so important. Many people hear about the melting icebergs and troublesome weather through news and social media, but there is a big disconnect between our actions and their global consequences.


Science says you can cool the planet!

Plants cool our climate by absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen. Currently, carbon dioxide is one of the most abundant greenhouse gasses in our atmosphere, which continues to rise as we burn fossil fuels. Big contributors to an increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide include transportation, creating electricity, industry, and agriculture.

Stuart Burchill shares that plants also cool the landscape directly through their transpiration process, which is when plants release excess water through their leaves. Releasing water vapor allows plans to cool themselves in hot climates while at the same time cooling their surrounding environment. Stuart Burchill describes the process as sweating, but for plants!

New research shows that planting billions of trees on available land would remove two-thirds of all carbon emissions due to human activity. It is by far the most effective and cheapest method to combat climate change while benefiting animals and various ecosystems at the same time. Planting trees is available right now that everyone can participate in.


Help the planet, help your health!

Respiratory diseases can be reduced by adding plants into living spaces. Plants release around 97% of the water they absorb, which in turn translates to an increase in humidity. Stuart Burchill notes that studies have shown that indoor plants decrease dry skin, colds, sore throats, and dry coughs in humans. They have even been shown to speed up the recovery process for patients who had undergone surgery. In addition, plants add more oxygen to the air and remove toxins, meaning you can breathe easier every day.


Synavax Invites Everyone to Plant a Leaf

Stuart Burchill encourages customers to slow down and make a difference. With every order of energy-saving spray-on insulation sold, Synavax will include seeds for a plant or tree. Simply spread the seeds in dirt and provide some love, water, and sunshine to do your part. Synavax also offers an interactive map showing everyone who is participating to make a difference. Learn more at: