Stuart Burchill Highlights Manufacturing Trends for 2019

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With the fast pace of advancements in modern industry, Stuart Burchill explains why current trends matter for manufacturers.

It’s necessary for manufacturers to embrace change if they wish to stay relevant and prosperous in today’s market. The best way for a company to evolve with changing times is to understand the key trends and new technologies within their industry. Nanotechnology expert, Stuart Burchill, believes it can help manufacturers predict the future of their company and create a long-term strategic plan.

Technology, streamlined processes, and the continued drive for energy savings and sustainability stay at the forefront of manufacturing trends in 2019. While becoming more eco-friendly is extremely viable for helping the planet, Stuart Burchill notes that it also helps manufacturers save money and make more money in the long run. He knows this firsthand, as his employees are out in the field every week helping plant and facility managers solve issues with insulation and surface protection.

Stuart Burchill is always amazed at the innovations that come to life in the heart of factories, and shares with you the manufacturing trends to watch out for in 2019.

Predictive Maintenance

You don’t need to have worked in a factory to know that keeping a production line operating is critical to the bottom line. An efficient manufacturing line helps a factory maximize profits, meaning any delay or downtime could put manufacturers at a severe loss, not to mention the risk of getting behind schedule in shipments. According to a survey by ITIC, 98% of organizations say that just one hour of downtime costs them over $100,000, and 81% say it costs them over $300,000.

Stuart Burchill highlights predictive maintenance as a key manufacturing trend for 2019, as companies invest in high-quality maintenance applications that monitor equipment using multiple performance metrics. It saves time, money, and resources by automatically alerting staff when maintenance is required.

Sustainability Initiatives

As some organizations reap the benefits of corporate responsibility and sustainability goals, others are now more eager to follow suit. Stuart Burchill explains that in 2019, companies will be prioritizing the cornerstones of sustainability to further streamline processes, reduce waste, lower costs, and increase employee retention rates. The positive cost-cutting advantages compliment the environmental impact that goes along with incorporating things like reducing energy use, water use, waste, and carbon emissions.

Enterprise Resource Planning Systems (ERP)

Combining and analyzing different forms of data from all departments in an organization can be nearly impossible, which is why many corporations are moving towards ERP systems. This software can be used in multiple areas within an organization for everything from accounting to engineering. When shared transactional data is in one place, it can be analyzed in real time and help leaders make insightful and timely business decisions. Stuart Burchill notes that ERP systems also improve consistency, efficiency, and collaboration.

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CEO/CTO of Industrial Nanotech Inc., Stuart Burchill is an expert in sustainability, nanoscience solutions, and manufacturing. His patented Heat Shield EPX-H20 spray on thermal insulation helps those in the manufacturing industry meet safety, preventative maintenance, and sustainability goals by providing corrosion resistance, CUI prevention, moisture resistance, and chemical resistance as well as by reducing equipment surface temperatures. Heat Shield EPX-H20 is water-based, sustainable, and low in VOC. For more information, please visit: