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Renewable Sprout Pencils Make Cleaning Air Easier Than Ever

In our busy lives, we often get caught up worrying about the here and now. Not many of us are actively thinking of how earth will be in 300 years once we are long gone. Climate change will alter our planet’s weather patterns and normal living conditions as we know it, unless we take active measures to slow down the process. Many times, you hear about businesses conducting in practices that are harmful for the environment. Stuart Burchill is someone that proves that businesses can not only reduce negative environmental impact but also be a positive influence.
Stuart initiated the program “Every Leaf Matters” to instill environmentally friendly practices within businesses. Every company that Stuart Burchill conducts business with receives a “thank you” gift, a Sprout Pencil. The ingenious pencil is made from renewable wood and has a small compartment with seeds in it instead of an eraser. Once the pencil runs out of lead, you plant the seeds in a pot of soil and in a few weeks, you have a beautiful plant.

Stuart Burchill states, “As a businessman, I initiated the program in the companies I manage and invest in as a marketing/branding strategy that had the additional benefit of actually making a big difference that became bigger as the program expanded.”

Stuart Burchill continues, “And that is where the work of cleaning air begins. People thinks of plants as pretty and, in the case of herbs for instance, delicious. However, what people rarely think of is the air cleaning power of even one potted plant.”
A study in 1989, conducted by NASA, found that 15 to 18 plants can continuously purify, ridding the air of toxins including carbon dioxide, formaldehyde, and other chemicals from man-made materials used to insulate a home. NASA found that typical houseplants are the most efficient at removing toxins from the air. The typical houseplant is also found in tropical forests, where the leaves on these plants allow the plant to photosynthesize in the low light conditions of a typical home.
Stuart Burchill concludes, “Our Every Leaf Matters Program is a great example of how businesses and citizens can take small actions that in turn create a compounding effect improving our environment.   These actions compounded over time, will have monumental difference for good and benefit future generations. Instead of downplaying the impact one individual can have, remember, every leaf matters.”

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