Stuart Burchill Warns Consumers of Toxic Insulation

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Stuart Burchill

Nanotechnology expert, Stuart Burchill, offers a safer choice for manufacturers.

When it’s time to improve energy efficiency and safety in a facility, manufacturers turn to install new insulation. Most people, however, do not realize that some products available on the market can be toxic or flammable. This, in turn, causes unintended issues and liabilities down the road. Nanotechnology expert, Stuart Burchill, urges all buyers to thoroughly research products and ingredients to avoid installing dangerous insulation.

When homes and businesses were being built before the 1980s, asbestos was a common ingredient used in insulation, floor tiles, siding, roof shingles, and more. As asbestos insulation found its way into more and more buildings, people started to see a rise in health issues. It was later found to be extremely toxic and cause cancer before being banned by the U.S. EPA in 1973 and 1989.

Stuart Burchill explains that insulation can not only cause trouble when filled with toxic ingredients but also when it is made of flammable materials. Certain spray foam insulation products are extremely flammable, meaning accidental fires can be spread more quickly. Stuart Burchill has seen this first hand through a client who had previously been using spray-on foam insulation around the perimeter and ceiling of his large metal storage facility. When a fire started in one unit and reached the highly flammable foam insulation, it spread throughout the rest of the facility at an alarming pace. Stuart Burchill and his team helped him by providing a water-based, eco-friendly insulation coating that is both non-toxic and non-flammable.

A Safer Choice

Stuart Burchill’s patented nanotechnology spray on insulation coatings are engineered to be environmentally friendly and safe. Solvent-based formulations are not used whatsoever, meaning companies can be more sustainable. Coatings are non-flammable, non-toxic, low odor, low VOC, water-based, mold and mildew resistant, and safe for use in food manufacturing facilities.

Switching to Stuart Burchill’s spray on insulation will significantly reduce energy costs while providing a protective barrier around scolding hot manufacturing equipment of any size or shape. It withstands harsh outdoor environments and chemical splashes, the perfect product for manufacturers around the world.

About Stuart Burchill

CEO/CTO of Industrial Nanotech Inc., Stuart Burchill is an expert in sustainability, nanoscience solutions, and manufacturing. His patented HeatShield EPX-H20 spray-on thermal insulation helps those in the manufacturing industry meet safety, preventative maintenance, and sustainability goals by providing corrosion resistance, CUI prevention, moisture resistance, and chemical resistance as well as by reducing equipment surface temperatures. For more information, please visit: