Stuart Burchill’s Non-Toxic Insulation Protects Factory Employees

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Eco-friendly spray on coating patented by Stuart Burchill changes the standard for insulation quality.

Insulation is an essential part of construction, whether that be for a home, commercial building, or factory. It helps owners cut costs on electricity by improving temperature efficiency and increasing safety measures. Even though this insulation can sometimes be hidden away in walls or hard to reach places, materials should not be filled with toxic chemicals that can cause health issues down the road. Nanotechnology expert, Stuart Burchill, recommends checking the toxicity and flammability of insulation before install to keep your home, office, or factory safe.

Everyone remembers the crisis that occurred when asbestos was widely used in building and pipe insulation. This dangerous chemical caused health issues like cancer, lung tissue scarring, and other serious conditions over time before it was banned in the United States by the EPA. Sadly, this could have been easily avoided through more research and precaution.

Another concern that should be addressed is flammable insulation. Stuart Burchill has seen the devastating effects of fires that are spread more rapidly by poor insulation. A client switched to Mr. Burchill’s technology after a fire started in his large metal storage facility. Spray on foam had been placed along the perimeter and ceiling on his facility to provide insulation, but because it was highly flammable, the fire spread through the building at a much faster pace putting employees at risk and causing significant damage.

Stuart Burchill is passionate about protecting factory employees from dangerous insulation as well as from extremely hot equipment. That’s one of the reasons he created his product line of patented nanotechnology based spray on insulation at INI Worldwide. It is a water-based insulation coating that is both non-toxic and non-flammable. It also protects from corrosion and holds up to outside weather conditions and chemical splashes. Stuart Burchill created a long lasting solution that has no potentially adverse health or safety hazards.

These coatings are also engineered to be environmentally friendly with very low VOC and zero VOC formulations. Stuart Burchill wants to help companies become more sustainable by providing a sustainable product overall. These products provide an extensive list of benefits that make it the sensible choice when it comes to installing new insulation. Stuart Burchill lists the benefits below.

Low odor
Mold/mildew resistant
Safe for use in food manufacturing facilities (incidental food contact surfaces)

Stuart Burchill and his team at INI Worldwide are on a mission to protect the future by bringing the best of science to the world’s greatest companies. INI Worldwide is a nanotechnology based research and development company that specializes in producing products for industry and individuals. For more information, visit: