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Two Industries Will Have the Opportunity to Collaborate in Stuart Burchill’s Upcoming Program

When business and science industries work together, the results are simply astonishing. This is very apparent in the amazing products that have resulted from new technological advancements used in food safety regulation, healthcare, and environmental efforts, to name a few. Now more than ever before, scientists and businesses are working together to develop new solutions and foster two-way innovation.

“The juxtaposition of science and business and the general perception that they are polar opposites could not be further from the truth,” states Stuart Burchill.

Practicing effective communication between scientists and business professionals can sometimes pose a challenge. However, as both industries continue to reap the benefits of a closer relationship, Stuart Burchill sees the advantages of collaboration. Businesses are relying on research from scientists to make decisions and build products. Scientists are relying on businesses to inform the public and implement change.

“I manage two companies that have two patents in nanotechnology, and they conduct business globally,” continues Stuart Burchill. “I’m in the process of writing and filing two more patents on two more nanoscience based products for energy saving and sustainability.”

Although we’re finding more and more similarities between business and science, there is still a big discrepancy in the fact that science more readily embraces failure as a prerequisite to success. When conducting science experiments and forming new theories, it’s expected that initial outcomes won’t immediately be successful. In business however, you find this huge perception that any initial failures are a negative thing.

“If something fails despite being carefully planned, carefully designed, and conscientiously executed, that failure often bespeaks underlying change and, with it, opportunity.” Peter Drucker (2014). “Innovation and Entrepreneurship”, p.62, Routledge.

Research actually shows us that most extremely successful business people have experienced brutal failures before reaching success. Stuart Burchill knows the key component is to learn from what didn’t work and improve strategy until it does.

“Through my decades as a businessman and a scientist, I have been blessed with the great privilege of working with some of the world’s best scientists and business people,” says Stuart Burchill. “To foster increased opportunity for collaboration, I am forming the IQEQ Lab ™, where scientists mentor business people on the strategies of experimentation and exploration. In turn, business people will mentor scientists on the strategies of maximizing the value and positive impact of successful scientific results for mankind.”

Look for more announcements about Stuart Burchill’s IQEQ Lab in the coming weeks.

“Bad times have scientific value. These are occasions a good learner would not miss.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson.