Stuart Frost, SEC Supporter, Highlights Work of SECU

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Entrepreneur and businessman Stuart Frost showcases the work of the Southeastern Conference’s academic initiative, SECU

A lifelong basketball fan and Alabama native, entrepreneur and businessman Stuart Frost, today based in Orange County, California, has been involved with the Southeastern Conference, or SEC, for most of his life. Growing up in Birmingham, Alabama, where the SEC is headquartered, Frost regularly returns to Jefferson County to visit family, and to show his continued support for the conference and its academic initiative. Here, Stuart Frost, SEC fan and supporter, highlights some of the vital work carried out by SECU.

“SECU is the academic initiative of the Southeastern Conference or SEC,” Frost explains. The SEC, he says, sponsors, supports, and promotes collaborative higher education programs and activities.

“The SEC sponsors, supports, and promotes collaborative higher education programs and activities,” reveals Frost, “involving faculty, administrators, and students at its member universities through its SECU academic initiative.”

According to Stuart Frost, SEC fan for almost three decades, these collaborative programs and activities are designed to highlight the research, teaching, and service accomplishments of SEC students, as well as faculty and other staff. “It showcases these achievements,” Frost points out, “on local, regional, national, and international levels via, for example, digital and social media platforms.”

The organization’s goals are five-fold. Firstly, to highlight the endeavors and achievements of SEC faculty, students, and member universities.

Secondly, to advance the academic reputation of SEC universities beyond their traditional regions. Third among the organization’s five goals is to identify and prepare future leaders for what SECU calls ‘high-level service’ in academia.

“Fourth,” Stuart Frost adds, “is to increase the amount and type of overseas education opportunities available for students, while fifth, meanwhile, is to provide opportunities for collaboration among SEC university personnel.”

SECU programs include the SEC Academic Conference, the SEC Academic Leadership Development Program, SEC Collaboration, the SEC College Tour, SEC Education Abroad Focus, the SEC Faculty Achievement Awards, the SEC Faculty Travel Program, the SEC MBA Case Competition, the SEC Student Pitch Competition, and the SEC Symposium, with which Stuart Frost is also heavily involved.

The primary goal of the academic conference-type symposium is to address a significant scholarly issue utilizing the range of disciplinary strengths of SEC universities in a manner that expands opportunities for collaboration among SEC administrators and faculty, according to Stuart Frost. Other objectives, he further points out, include annually drawing national attention to the Southeast SEC region.

“The SEC Symposium is also intended,” adds Stuart Frost, SEC fan, wrapping up, “to display the research and innovation efforts made by SEC institutions for an audience of government officials, academicians, and vital SEC stakeholders.”

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