Stuart Frost showcases vital work of SEC Academic Consortium

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Lifelong basketball fan and supporter of the SEC Stuart Frost provides a closer look at the athletic conference’s academic consortium project. 


Best known as an American college athletic conference based in the Southeastern and South Central United States, the Southeastern Conference, or SEC, also oversees its own academic consortium, known originally as SECAC, or the SEC Academic Consortium, and today simply as SECU. A former SEC basketball player, Alabama native Stuart Frost reveals more about the vital work and benefits of the consortium and its various projects and initiatives.


“As a lifelong basketball fan and a former player of men’s basketball within the SEC, I remain a fan and follower of the athletic conference to this day, even though I now live more than 2,000 miles away,” reveals Stuart Frost, SEC fan and academic consortium supporter.


A highly successful construction and engineering firm owner today based in Orange County, California, in his free time, fan of the SEC Stuart Frost still follows the college athletic conference closely, as well as being involved with the SEC Academic Leadership Development Program, the SEC College Tour, the SEC Symposium, and more. 


“I’m proud to be involved with all facets of the SEC, SECAC, and SECU,” Frost explains, “and, in particular, the SEC Academic Leadership Development Program.” 


Originally part of SECAC, and now SECU, the SEC Academic Leadership Development Program, the successful businessman explains, is a collaborative endeavor designed to promote scholarship, research, and achievement among SEC universities, including Auburn University, the University of Alabama, and the University of Tennessee. “I myself am a graduate of Auburn University,” adds supporter of the SEC Stuart Frost. 


According to Frost, SECAC was formed in 2005. “Six years later, the consortium was moved from its original home on the campus of the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville, Arkansas, to the SEC headquarters in Birmingham, Alabama, where it was rebranded SECU,” explains Stuart Frost, SEC fan. 


“Its mission,” he continues, “is to serve as a means via which the collaborative academic achievements and endeavors of SEC universities can be promoted and advanced.”


Goals of the consortium, according to expert on the SEC Stuart Frost, include highlighting the achievements and endeavors of SEC faculty and students, identifying and preparing potential future leaders for high-level service in academia, and advancing the academic reputation of SEC member universities. 


“Vitally, there’s also a focus on establishing opportunities for collaboration between SEC university personnel, as well as increasing the variety and amount of overseas study opportunities available for students,” adds father of four Frost, wrapping up.


Born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama, leading engineering and construction company owner Stuart Frost is today a resident of Orange County, California. Growing up in Jefferson County and studying at Auburn University in Auburn, Alabama, keen sportsman and lifelong basketball fan Frost quickly became involved with the SEC. Headquartered in Frost’s home city of Birmingham, the SEC is regarded as one of the nation’s most accomplished sports conferences. In his free time, and in addition to following the SEC and supporting the athletic conference’s academic programs, construction industry veteran Stuart Frost also enjoys working out, reading, cooking, and spending time with his partner and four sons.