Stuart Hankin of Hankin Homes Creates 5-Bedroom Abodes for Multi-Generational Families

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Stuart Hankin Stuart Hankin

With senior citizens predicted to outnumber children by 2034, a fluctuating economy, and an increasing number of seniors looking to age in peace, it should come as no surprise that a record 64 million Americans* are now living in multi-generational households. Stuart Hankin, the owner of Hankin Homes, is helping families accommodate their present and future needs with affordable, high-quality five-bedroom homes.

A family-oriented businessman and experienced real estate professional, Stuart Hankin understands the importance of a home that can meet a family’s needs now and in the future. He aims to create multifaceted spaces that accommodate all generations, from newborns to grandparents. He also endeavors to create houses people will want to pass down from one generation to the next.Stuart Hankin of Hankin Homes

Buying a home is part of the American dream. Unfortunately, due to various factors, many younger Americans* are not able to buy their first home until much later than their parents. At the same time, millions of seniors are opting to spend as many of their golden years at home as possible, instead of moving to a retirement community or nursing home.

Stuart Hankin recognizes the benefits of multiple generations living under one roof as well as the challenges this may present. He takes all of this into account, including the practical and financial aspects, and aims to make his properties affordable, flexible, and spacious to ensure everyone feels right at home.

He is improving the home building process, using less expensive construction materials and maximizing efficiency to provide renters and buyers options that fit with their budget as well as their needs.

Stuart Hankin has previously built high-quality residential homes and luxury apartment communities in Florida and Pennsylvania, among other states. He has recently acquired properties in the Midwest.

The real estate expert understands the struggle many people go through when searching for a new home. It can be intimidating, particularly for those with a big family or tight budget. But he advises buyers to look at a home as a one-time investment that can generate excellent Return on Investment (ROI), particularly if passed down to their children and grandkids.

“Sure, resale value is anybody’s guess. When buying a home, though, consider the future,” Stuart Hankin said.

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