Stuart Hankin Of Hankin Homes Invites You To Take A Virtual Tour Of A 5-Bedroom House

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Stuart Hankin Of Hankin Homes Invites You To Take A Virtual Tour Of A Bedroom House Stuart Hankin Of Hankin Homes Invites You To Take A Virtual Tour Of A Bedroom House

Hankin Homes is a real estate company that builds affordable and multi-generational homes for families. No matter the homeowner’s economic status, Hankin Homes wants everyone to have a place to live. The founder of Hankin Homes, Stuart Hankin, continues to develop his Florida-based company. 

In 2019, his company experienced massive growth as a result of buying land and building homes in different states across the United States. Stuart Hankin has always been a high achiever and goal-oriented leader. Even during his school years, Stuart was an effective leader. 

Stuart Hankin earned his Bachelor’s Degree at Cornell University. Hankin graduated with a degree in Operations and Information Engineering. 

Hankin considers himself a devoted community guardian and works to serve his society in every way possible. This is also the way Stuart Hankin runs his business.

Stuart’s work ethics and entrepreneurial spirit are why he began his company. He uses cost-effective construction materials and components to build homes as they help lower costs.

Stuart Hankin prefers this type of material as it is excellent at reducing maintenance costs. This is appreciated by potential homeowners. Affordable housing is essential to Hankin and his company. He will do what he can to save money for families in Florida and across the US.

Stuart feels it is essential for people to see the homes Hankin Homes constructs. If the people cannot come to the house, the house will go to them—with the help of the internet, of course. Hankin Homes makes it super easy to take a closer look at one of its 5-bedroom homes. Stuart Hankin invites you to watch a virtual tour. The home, located at 1582 West 18th St, Riviera Beach, FL 33404, is a Hankin Home. 

With just a few clicks of your mouse or with a tablet pen, you can take your time to navigate through the different rooms. Quickly, the buyer can look at the entire space of this home via a virtual tour. 

Choose to use your mobile device, tablet, or computer to look at the online tour of Hankin Home. With an internet connection, you can view it from anywhere. 

At your convenience, you can check out the tour, share it with friends, and decide when to book an appointment to view the property in person.

Your new home might only be a couple of clicks away.

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