Study Suggests Meditation Can Slow Down Brain Decline, and Dipanshu Sharma Has a Way to Make Meditation Accessible

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Dipanshu Sharma

Dipanshu Sharma Offers Accessible, Inexpensive Access to Meditation and its Benefits Via Meditation.Live

Overall life expectancy is increasing in humans, but our brains start deteriorating after the first two decades of life and continue degrading with age. Research is being done that may crack what techniques people can use to diminish the negative impact that aging can have on the brain.

Dipanshu Sharma, founder of, said meditation can be one of those techniques that helps the brain stay young and memory stay strong. Meditation and movement have numerous benefits, including increasing productivity, managing relationships, improving sleep, managing stress and anxiety and providing deep relaxation, according to Dipanshu Sharma.

Meditation is not only beneficial, according to research, it is also inexpensive and accessible. With Dipanshu Sharma’s company, people can practice meditation where and when it is most convenient for them.

A recent study examined the link between age and cerebral gray matter re-analyzing in a large sample of long-term meditators and control subjects from 24 to 77 years old. The research, conducted by Eileen Luders, Nicolas Cherbuin and Florian Kurth, showed there is indeed a decline over time with global and local gray matter with age. However, the slope of the regression lines were steeper in the control subjects than in the meditators. Their findings suggest less age-related gray matter atrophy in those who practice long-term meditation.

“Altogether, our findings seem to add further support to the hypothesis that meditation is brain-protective and associated with a reduced age-related tissue decline,” the study concluded.

Additionally, meditation decreases stress and anxiety, Dipanshu Sharma said, which can improve physical health and quality of life. Stress is also linked to many health problems, including heart disease, depression and hypertension. By employing meditation techniques, people will have clearer minds and be able to think more freely and creatively, making more positive contributions at work and in personal relationships, said Dipanshu Sharma.

When it comes to practicing meditation in order to reap these benefits, many people think of a practice that must be done alone, in total silence, at the most tranquil and calm point in the day, said Dipanshu Sharma. However, meditation in the workplace, a place that is traditionally stressful and busy, may actually have more benefits and a positive contribution to individuals, work culture and productivity.

“It’s not often that a 30-minute meeting at the office can leave employees feeling more energized and focused,” said Dipanshu Sharma. “This is an amazing benefit to offer employees to keep them mentally healthy and productive in the workplace.” is a corporate wellness platform founded by Dipanshu Sharma that provides enterprise wellness solutions and group sessions which feature meditation/movement classes, courses, workshops and panels in a live and interactive setting. gives you access to the best meditation teachers around the world and offer over 180 live classes.