Successful Entrepreneur Edward Karram Talks Mastering the Art of Life Insurance Sales

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Successful Entrepreneur Edward Karram Talks Mastering the Art of Life Insurance Sales Successful Entrepreneur Edward Karram Talks Mastering the Art of Life Insurance Sales

As Benjamin Franklin famously said in a letter to Jean-Baptiste Leroy, “In this world, nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” While most people would prefer to avoid thinking about either, planning ahead can make both aspects of life easier to cope with. Edward Karram, an entrepreneur, author, business coach, and public speaker based in Alpharetta, GA, spent many years as a life insurance agent helping individuals ensure their loved ones would be compensated in the event of their passing. Through innovative and intelligent marketing and sales strategies, he’s achieved a seven-figure income. He is now the founder and CEO of SELL-U, through which he trains others to master the art of life insurance sales.

SELL-U sets agents up for success providing business fundamentals, sales strategies, marketing techniques, and lead generation. Unlike most marketing firms, Edward Karram’s academy provides a comprehensive education for long-term, sustainable success.

“Too many agents with so much potential are failing because they are not set up to win from the get-go. Proper training and education are the foundation for any business, but for some reason, your marketing organizations want you to just go out and sell,” Edward Karram said.

To date, Edward Karram has helped more than 1,000 life insurance agents from across the United States 10x their business. These agents, following in their mentor’s footsteps, are able to earn as much as seven figures per year.

Becoming a successful life insurance agent isn’t easy, Edward Karram said. Life insurance agents must have business acumen and master the art of the sale, skills which aren’t learned overnight. A natural sales ability is quite helpful, he noted. However, being confident and having a respectable, trustworthy demeanor and strong emotional intelligence, in addition to a solid foundation of sales education and training, are what you really need to succeed. This in addition to self-discipline and time management skills, crucial for any entrepreneur or self-employed person.

“You can point the finger at anyone you want, but at the end of the day, it’s all on you,” Edward Karram said in a YouTube video.

Through SELL-U, Edward Karram equips agents with all of these skills and more to empower them to conquer challenges and propel their careers. The academy utilizes a combination of webinars, in-class sessions, and one-on-one mentorship sessions. Edward Karram also routinely offers inspiration and advice via his YouTube channel and social media accounts, as well as speaking engagements around the country.

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