Ted Schaer Shows You How to Protect Your Business from a Cyber Security Attack

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Ted Schaer Ted Schaer

While protecting your business from physical dangers is one thing, protecting it from cyber attacks is another. Every business is at risk for some kind of cyber attack. There are even different kinds of cyber attacks that can affect your business, such as:

  • Blackmailing information
  • Ransomware
  • Stealing your financial assets

Fortunately, Ted Schaer is here to give us some information on this topic to help us keep our businesses safe. Here are some mandatory tactics that you need to follow in order to keep your business out of harm’s way of potential cyber-attacks that could ruin what you have built.

Ted Schaer Recommends Limiting Information

While it is important that you should allow your employees access to company information, you need to take note of what you should actually be sharing and what should be kept private. You always run the risk of an internal cyberattack if one of your employees is disgruntled and wants to use your information for malicious purposes. Be sure to consider what should be shared and what shouldn’t.

Ted Schaer Shares the Importance of Password Cycling

Your router, computer, and other devices around your office require passwords in order to access. However, passwords that are not cycled regularly can end up causing more of a detriment than providing actual security. You should be password cycling your electronic devices, computers, and other important pieces of technology at least once every three months. This will keep you on your toes whenever it comes to making sure that your information is secure and protected from prying eyes online.

Ted Schaer Advises You to Train Your Employees

While you may take every precaution out there to prevent a cyber attack from happening, it may inevitably happen. Hackers are more cunning than ever and can brute force their way into your encrypted files if they are desperate enough. However, most of the time the biggest risks happen whenever your employees make a mistake that they were never told to avoid. This is why it is important that you regularly talk to your employees and train them on the importance of not letting secure information get out into the ether.

To do this, you should:

  • Train them on the importance of not sharing information even if it doesn’t seem like a big deal
  • Ask them to change their personal passwords regularly to avoid getting hacked
  • Contact you immediately if they notice that there are any kind of suspicious signs of a cyber-attack happening or about to happen