Tell the Winning Story Presenting Two Workshops in Colorado

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Tell the Winning Story Tell the Winning Story

Jesse Wilson, founder, and CEO of Tell the Winning Story, is giving two workshops in Colorado. Tell the Winning Story empowers individuals and groups, from lawyers to businesspeople, to master the power of breakthrough communication with high-impact presentations and effective collaboration. Tell the Winning Story has contributed to several significant successes, including a recent $90 million verdict involving Werner Trucking.

Tell the Winning Story

The first Colorado workshop, sponsored by The Bussey Law Firm, is a two-day affair May 8-9 at the Cottonwood Center for the Arts in Colorado Springs. The second, sponsored by The Hyman Law Firm, P.A., is a one-day event on August 26 in the same location.

Jesse Wilson, communications specialist, jury trial consultant, and Juilliard trained actor and director, teaches workshop attendees to become master storytellers and “dig into” what he refers to as “the eight fundamentals of breakthrough communication.” Wilson explains that whatever your specialty, whether criminal defense, personal injury, or medical malpractice, powerful communication is paramount to success in the courtroom.

“Telling your client’s story involves digging deep into who they are at the core and discovering a rhythm and style that is all your own,” says Jesse Wilson. “If you’re in a street fight, you go back to the fundamentals to survive. Same holds true with effective communication. It’s easy to get ‘lost in your head,’ but when it comes to commanding the courtroom stage, the fundamentals of getting your audience to not just listen, but care, are timeless because they work.”

Jesse Wilson’s foray into trial advocacy began after attending the Juilliard School. He co-founded a unique “theater-behind-bars” program for prison inmates called Lessons From The Stage. Through this program, he and his partner Dave Fein empowered inmates to delve into their creativity and sensitivity to explore and express emotions in a healthy way while developing and improving communication, human connection, and leadership skills.

The transformational experience affected Jesse Wilson profoundly, and it was not long before he was providing more extensive trial skills training to trial lawyers, public defendants, and law schools.

Tell the Winning Story offers many workshops and speaking engagements around the country on topics from master storytelling and trial advocacy to recovering and transitioning from incarceration to the outside world. True to its roots, Tell the Winning Story continues to empower people from all walks of life in overcoming various challenges.

To learn more about Tell the Winning Story and the newly-released “The 8 Fundamentals of Breakthrough Communication,” available on Trial Guides, visit the website: