Tell The Winning Story’s Jesse Wilson Demonstrates The Fundamentals of Trial Advocacy

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There are dozens of components that make a good case. However, many lawyers can drop the ball on their case and end up losing it. This can cost them more than just a hurt ego. They may end up losing clients, credibility, and more. There is so much on the line in the courtroom that losing is simply not an option. Then how can one individual become a better lawyer and not let the pressure get to them?

Jesse Wilson is an experienced communications specialist and jury trial consultant who is a proponent of continuing education for trial advocacy. He is the creator of Tell The Winning Story, an organization that is dedicated to the idea of helping people achieve mastery at “breakthrough communication.” When it comes to his work with attorneys, here are some trial advocacy lessons from Wilson’s 8 Fundamentals of Breakthrough Communication video series that Jesse exemplifies in all of his work on cases.

The first thing that we should all consider is the importance of trial advocacy. It is the system that makes lawyers more competent through their work. Trial advocacy can turn a veteran of the legal industry into a master if used correctly.

One of the most important things that trial advocacy lessons teach is the power of “less is more.” Jesse Wilson knows better than anyone that long-winded speeches can end up losing your audience. You want to keep things simple, brief, and focused if you wish to achieve your objective. This is due to the fact that people’s attention spans (i.e the jury) are not very long. In fact, the average person’s attention span is eight seconds. Think about that for a moment. You want to capture their attention immediately and as quickly as possible.

Another trial advocacy lesson that can be learned is that you want to make a very strong impression. This means that your opening statement needs to be powerful and command attention. This will resonate with the individuals in the courtroom and be something that they remember. It will show them that you are someone who knows what they are talking about and they will respect you for it.

Finally, to keep things simple as we have explained before, trial advocacy lessons will teach you that confidence is key. Going into the courtroom and not having a strong “trust of the right story that needs to be told” can be legal suicide. Trial advocacy can teach you that trusting in the right story is essentially everything, and out of that trust, inner confidence is born. Jesse Wilson works with new lawyers to help them develop their confidence on a regular basis. It is the foundation of which all things are possible and should not be overlooked by any means.